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Heroic cow is heroic

So Linedan is finally starting to tank a few heroics; so far, just Nexus, Drak’theron Keep, and Violet Hold. 

I was admittedly very skittish starting out; folks who know me know that I tend to be pretty insecure about my ability as a tank, even though I’m perfectly competent at it.  But after a few horrid experiences with Burning Crusade heroics–the worst of which was a seven- or eight-wipe run in heroic Slave Pens, the “easy” heroic, back in the day–I basically gave up tanking heroic five-mans until 3.0 and WotLK came out.  I concentrated on raid tanking in Karazhan and beyond for my badges, and left the overtuned BC five-man heroics to the paladins.

Well, despite my fears that Lin’s 22,500 health and 21,500 armor weren’t going to be enough, it all worked out OK.  The Nexus run went well aside from a couple of wipes on Telestra.  The Drak’theron and VH runs were with three people cranking out insane DPS and a very good druid healer, and other than a wipe on King Dred in DK, there were no worries.  We nailed VH with the shield still at 100% and got the achievement for never using a defense crystal…not that I even knew where they were if we did need them.  22-and-a-half-thousand unbuffed health is low for some instances, when you consider that King Dred landed a mangling hit on me for well over 12,000 at one point.  But a good healer, and intelligent planning of cooldown use (saving Shield Wall or Shield Block for special attacks, for example) can help with that.

He’s gotten a few upgrades, and now he’s at 23127 health, 21661 armor, 17% dodge, 15.5% parry, 13.8% block, and 544 defense, all unbuffed.  Tricked out with level 80 buffs in a five-man, he checks in at about 25,500 health, which can be pushed close to 28,000 if I go with Commanding Shout.  I don’t know if that’s enough for Naxx or not (one month and counting!) but it’s enough to get him through heroics for now.  Now, if we can convince Loken to drop his trinket, and Ymiron to part with a Red Sword of Courage…

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