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We interrupt our irregularly unscheduled programming…

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You’ve read here on Achtung Panzercow about my adventures with my Hordeside raid, The Anvil.  The Anvil is a long-standing multi-guild Horde raid on the Feathermoon (US) role-playing server…and if you’re a responsible, knowledgeable player who wants to kick some ass but only has a few hours a week to do it, we want YOU! 

Currently we are 8/14 Ulduar 25-man, working on Thorim and Mimiron.  The Anvil raids twice a week, from 9:00 pm to 12 midnight Eastern on Thursday, and from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am Eastern on Friday.  (Feathermoon is a Pacific timezone server, so server time is EDT-3 hours, or GMT-7 hours.)  Whispers for invites start one hour prior to pull time, with invites going out about 25 minutes ahead.

We use a Suicide Kings system for loot.  The raid keeps two lists, one for tier tokens and one for everything else.  When a piece of loot drops, people who are interested whisper the loot officer; whoever’s highest on the list gets the loot and then they drop to the bottom of the list and everybody else who’s there that night moves up one.  That’s it.  It’s a very simple system and works well for us, with basically no drama.

Now, there’s a few things you should know about The Anvil and Feathermoon:

– Feathermoon is a roleplaying server.  While The Anvil is not an “RP raid” per se and raid chat is out of character, most of the raiders are roleplayers of one sort or another.  RP in /say is encouraged.  RP griefers are not welcome, period, full stop. 

– You do not have to join a guild to be part of The Anvil.  We have officers and members from several different guilds.

– We are flexible in terms of attendance.  “Real life > raid life” has always been a motto of ours.  However, obviously, if you’re a prospect, we’ll need you to be there more regularly so you can be evaluated.

– Just because we only raid two nights a week in our main 25-man doesn’t mean the fun stops there.  We have a community chat channel and Ventrilo that are home to a larger extended “family” where you can find 10-mans (including one that has downed Yoggy and one that is close), heroic runs, “retro raids,” and PvP…including the occasional legendary city raid.

– Also, just because we are on an RP server and only raid for six hours a week doesn’t mean we’re soft.  You will be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of your class and proper gearing for Ulduar-25 level content (through Armory, etc.).  You’ll have to show appropriate ability in DPS or healing or tanking or whatever and will be expected to read up on fights ahead of time and know your role in them.  And you’ll be expected to come prepared with proper gems, enchants, consumables, etc., though the raid is more than willing to help out where we can.

– Raid chat and Vent can get decidedly R-rated at times.  Yes, we get raunchy.  We’ve raised the “your mom” joke to an art form.  If you can’t handle that, then we may not be the raid for you.  (Because of this, we generally only accept applicants 18 and over.)

– Finally, the most important things we look for are maturity and friendship.  It’s a lot easier to take a decent person and gear them up and teach them how to play their class than it is to take a great player who’s a douchemuffin and un-douche them.  Save the drama for yo’ mama because we don’t want it.

Now, what are we looking for?  Primarily ranged DPS.  Elemental shamans, mages, warlocks, hunters, and thunderchickens are our biggest need right now.  That’s not to say that melee DPS, healers, or tanks won’t get looked at, but our biggest holes to fill are ranged DPS first, and melee DPS (rogues, enhancement shamans, and DPS warriors primarily–we’re full up on DKs) second.  The summer raiding boss is wiping us hard about now, and we’ve had a few recent departures that have stretched us even further.

No, we’re not a cutting-edge raid.  8/13 Ulduar with our only hard mode being FL +1 is not earthshatteringly awesome.  But for a six-hour-a-week raid, we do pretty damn well.  When we bring it, we bring it hard (that’s what your mom said!) and we bring it right.  We have a lot of fun doing it, too, and really, we’re a lot more than just a two-night 25-man raid.  We’re a big extended group of friends who do lots of other things together as well.

If this sounds like it might interest you, check out this post on our forums by our raidleader Malkavet.  It talks more about the raid’s Core Values and how you can get in touch with an officer to talk about joining The Anvil.  If you’re already on Feathermoon Hordeside, look for Malkavet, Dorritow, Fyriat, Davien, Nikkei, Ghaar, or Ambika.

My name is Linedan, and I came here to kick ass and punt gnomes.  And the last gnome just went over the cliff.