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Admit it, fellas…

…wouldn’t you want to wake up after a night of partying and see this hotness in the bed next to you?

Just, y’know.  Never mind the blue glowy eyes.  Or the lank purple hair.  Or the bits falling off because she’s a dead orc death knight.  Or the really snecking big rune-covered sword.

(The armor, if you’re curious, is the Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate and Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates from quests in Nagrand.)

Blast from the Past: The Anvil visits Stormwind

These two videos are probably one of my most fun memories in almost four years of WoW.

Every so often, our raid group on Feathermoon, known as The Anvil Raid, gets together and spreads our particular brand of love, cheer, goodwill, and facemelting among various Alliance settlements. 

Our destination this particular night?  The human capital of Stormwind.

Our mission?  Kill the humans’ three leaders–Bolvar Fordragon, Archbishop Whats-His-face, and Marcus Jonathan, back to back to back.

Did we accomplish our mission?  Oh yes.  That, and much much more.  But you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Part 1 is on top, and part 2 is on the bottom.  The video includes Ventrilo commentary; the guy running the show is our raidleader Malkavet.  The sultry voice reading the FlagRSP entry in the, uh, cameo at the end is the beautiful and talented Davien Stonemantle.

The video is courtesy of Gorebash and Naicella, edited together and music added by Gorebash.  You can check out his WoW videos on Youtube as “pinkshirtfarmer.”

(Warning:  NSFW due to a little bit of language and the occasional half-naked Draenei chick.)