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A little randomness never hurt

Lately, my blogging Muse seems to have deserted me.  So while I wait for her to return from wherever she’s gone off to–my guess, personally, is that she’s on a bus heading for a gambling weekend at the Harrah’s casino down near Cherokee–here’s some random and semi-coherent rantings for a Good Friday:

– 0.9% wipe on Putricide last night in The Anvil’s 25-man.  ZERO POINT NINE BLEEPING PERCENT.  Maybe 400,000 health from our first Putricide kill after weeks of trying.  That’s just brutal, especially given our track record of being short on people for Friday raids (and this week looks to be no exception).  We executed near-perfectly on him last night on all attempts, for the most part, but even with Hellscream’s New and Improved Buff of Pity, we wiped at 3% and 0.9%, among a few others.  It can get frustrating as hell when you do everything (or almost everything, as close as you’ll get with 25 people and lag and whatnot) correctly, the abomination driver noms up all the slime and keeps Putricide slashed up, nobody dies to the oozes, and come phase 3, you still can’t quite seal the deal.  And that’s the killer part–we know we own this dweeb, he just hasn’t actually fallen over and coughed up the loot yet.  We need to get The Good News Man down so we can move on to Valithria Dreamwalker, Team Edward, and Blood Queen Gaga.

– I guess the Random Dungeon Gods like me.  I haven’t had any truly bad LFD groups in a couple of weeks.  Oh, there’s always some with some durp durp here and some durp durp there, here a durp, there a durp, everywhere a durp durp, but in general, I haven’t run across any real mind-bending Stupid for a while now.  In fact, since I run almost all my randoms as DPS (yes, even on Linedan–sometimes I just can’t be arsed dealing with tanking when I’m tired), I’ve been fortunate to get a string of modestly-geared yet extremely competent tanks.  It warms my heart to see a warrior tank with 32k health do a whale of a job tanking Forge of Souls–not an easy dungeon to PUG even at Lin’s inflated gear level–and have the other four people in the group work with him, not bitch him out for being geared at the appropriate level for an ICC heroic.  Of course, the next night, I get Lin-as-Fury into a FoS group where he’s out-DPSed by the tank…a druid with 58,000 health pulling 4300 dps, while Lin did 3900.  Wow.

– Speaking of Forge of Souls…I’ve taken to random specific heroics on a few characters, in addition to random dailies.  Linedan is stacking armor penetration as part of his Fury build…hence, trips to Forge of Souls for the tasty Needle-Encrusted Scorpion.  (Irony:  Beltar, my dwarf MM hunter who isn’t stacking passive arpen?  Got the Scorpion last week.)  My blood elf BM hunter Illithanis runs one of the three ICC heroics, because there’s something for her in each one–the Scorpion from Forge, the Felglacier Bolter from Pit of Saron, or the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon from Halls of Waves of Trash.  For RP purposes, I’d prefer to get Illy one or two swords, as they seem more “elvish” a weapon than polearms or staves, but I’m not sure where I can even find hunter-itemized 1H or (especially) 2H swords these days without raiding.  No luck on the up-gearing yet, but it’s only a matter of time, right?

– I don’t get all the BM hunter hate.  Yes, I know, BM is weak sister to marks and survival in SRS BSNS progression raiding right now.  (Although we have a BM hunter in The Anvil who is absolutely wrecking shit…and proving a few people wrong about BM and raiding, at least in our behind-the-cutting-edge way, in the process.)  Personally, I think BM as a spec is slightly harder to raid with than MM.  I’ve got limited raiding experience in both, and honestly, I’ll take the somewhat trickier shot rotation of MM over the pet micromanagement of BM if I’m looking for “easy.”  MM feels like I’m more powerful because I’m seeing these crazy large numbers spamming down the right center of my screen…then I go look at Recount, and Illithanis, with modest gear compared to Beltar, is within 500 dps of the dwarf in heroics, and pulling solid numbers on her very rare ventures into Big Round Room.  Consistently.

– Highest Revenge crit since 3.3.3:  12,294.  Oh yeah.  I think I like this.

– But not even New Revenge compares to the power that is death nuggets’ new boosted Icy Touch–or, as the Twitterati have dubbed it, Icy Dickpunch.  Moody over at Death Grip My Heart (warning:  possible NSFW artwork of hot dead blood elf chick) has a pretty good post on it.  Short version:  It’s doing up to fourteen and a half times more threat than it did pre-patch.  And I believe it.  Revenge’s high damage has boosted our threat gen considerably, but now, our raid DK tank can accidentally pull mobs off me with Icy Touch crits.  Beforehand, if I could gain the threat lead on a mob we were both tanking, like Festergut or Saurfang, I could hold it without difficulty.  Now?  I lost the handle on Saurfang twice last night because of Icy Dickpunch crits pulling him back over onto the DK immediately after a taunt.  I thought I was suddenly missing taunts, but instead, it was just good old-fashioned accidental agro pong.

– Tamarind wrote a fantastic post over at Righteous Orbs on why “casual” raiding doesn’t–or shouldn’t–mean “roll in 15 minutes late and then go AFK to pinch a loaf.”  He said it a lot better than that, of course.  He’s British.  They do that.  Say things better, I mean.  (BTW, if you are not reading Tamarind and Chastity over at RO, you should.  You’re missing out.)

That’s pretty much it from the Panzercow Bunker.  Here’s hoping my Muse catches the bus back from Harrah’s, hopefully not too broke, next week.  Have a happy Easter weekend, kids.

16 responses

  1. At how many stacks do your tanks taunt phase 3 Putricide? I’m assuming you’re doing it correctly (not 4-4-4, for instance), but figured it might be worth double checking. Your guild seems competent and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be killing him with time to spare and everyone alive with the 10% buff, unless possibly some mistakes in the established tank taunt rotation for that phase. Mutated Plague is a bitch if left uncontrolled. Also, do your rogues and mages avoid the tear gas and push him down a bit before the next phase starts?

    April 2, 2010 at 13:43

    • Three tanks, two stacks each (so 2, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, etc.). And yep, our rogues are out there either killing an ooze if it’s up, or laying into the Prof, during Tear Gas phases. We’ll get him; this seems to be one of those fights where we just slowly, gradually, get better and better until finally we push him over (as opposed to one where lightning strikes out of nowhere and we “click”).

      April 6, 2010 at 20:55

  2. Blah

    The difference between BM vs MM for the top geared hunters is within 90 dps of MM with no gems, no enchants and vendor ammo.

    Would you have issues with someone showing up to raid without any gems, enchants and vendor ammo?

    April 2, 2010 at 23:49

    • The Anvil’s always been about bringing the player, not the spec. The day they change that is the day I thank them for the good times and walk away.

      April 6, 2010 at 20:52

    • Any difference in DPS is more than made up by the player bringing it. As long as the player reaches the benchmarks we set and continues to meet or exceed the other raid expectations, they remain.

      The matrix we use for raiders is more complex than Mommacow’s statement above. We do have benchmarks. We do make suggestions about how to make things easier. But we expect more than just pretty numbers. In fact, pure focus on pretty numbers would be a sign to me that a raider didn’t belong.

      We can help someone get better numbers. We can’t make someone not be a dick.

      April 7, 2010 at 10:25

  3. Rem

    Highest Revenge crit on Twin Val’kyr with Empowered Light: 28,803. Cheat, I know, but made me squeee anyway *grins*

    Re: Icy Dickpunch, during the last raid I almost started doubting my self worth when my Frost-DK co-tank repeatedly pulled off me, until I remembered the IT change. Seems that post-3.3.3 we live in some bizarre world where DKs can challenge us on single target threat and we can challenge them on damage output. It almost seems like .. *gasps* .. balance!

    April 3, 2010 at 09:05

    • Rem

      Uh, sorry to kind-of-spam, but Matt’s comment below made me realise that I may have made my tank partner look bad, so, I hasten to clarify, the scenery of the events described by myself was not, as in Linedan’s case, a serious progression raid, but rather a merry beating up of Thaddius for fun and achievements.

      Also, 29,803. Gah. Can’t even show off properly. Should ban myself from commenting today 😉

      April 3, 2010 at 11:53

  4. Matt

    Sounds like your DK tank partner needs to figure out when to throttle back, for the raids sake…

    April 3, 2010 at 10:32

    • The sheer size of the Icy Touch buff caught even veteran skilled DKs by surprise. Now that we know what to expect, I don’t expect that it’ll be a problem, it’s just a matter of adjustment.

      April 6, 2010 at 20:57

  5. Des

    Thanks for the kind words, Lin. I appreciate that. It’s nice to know that I might be getting close to my goal of excelling as a beast master, even if it’s not in a Charlie Daniels-esque “I’m the best that’s ever been” kind of way.

    April 3, 2010 at 16:32

  6. “Personally, I think BM as a spec is slightly harder to raid with than MM. I’ve got limited raiding experience in both, and honestly, I’ll take the somewhat trickier shot rotation of MM over the pet micromanagement of BM if I’m looking for “easy.” ”

    There was a big kerfuffle in the hunter community a while back because of the BM viability debate. Personally, like any hunter I’m pet managing anyway and MM is 3 buttons (once sting is up). BM is 4 until you have enough arp where you drop arcane so I guess I’m in the EZ mode spec :p

    I realise its often patronising when people say “good for you! for raiding BM” but I’ve always gone with what works best for me and I’ve been marks since early ulduar. Chances are, if your pal is beating your other hunters – him respeccing won’t give the amount of DPS the other hunters learning to play as him will grant.

    April 6, 2010 at 07:56

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