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Visiting roads less traveled


For some unknown, masochistic reason, I’ve always had the long-term goal of getting Linedan both the Loremaster and Seeker (3000 quests completed) titles.  Call me a “completionist,” call me a perfectionist, call me an idiot, whatever.  But from the time I first saw the Loremaster achievement, I said to myself, “you will be mine someday.  Oh yes.  You will be mine.”

Apparently, 15 March 2010 is “someday.”  After months of off-and-on work to backtrack through the old world, he is Loremaster Linedan, achieved when turning in overall quest number three thousand and ten in Stonard.

This title is the culmination not just of several months of going on quest-completing binges in zones seventy levels too low.  In a way, it’s the end of a chapter–and the beginning of another–in Linedan’s entire story.

Linedan is five years old this month.  When he first embarked on his career at Red Cloud Mesa in March 2005, the world was yet young and very, well, “vanilla.”  Mobs outside instances were still elite.  Escorts were group quests.  Getting to Camp Taurajo required a long and marginally dangerous run instead of a short flight.  And the world was a big, dangerous place for a simple Tauren warrior with no sugar daddy to support him.  There were times, around level 13 or 14, where Linedan literally did not have enough copper to pay his repair bills, because I didn’t know anything about this “auction house” I kept hearing of, and was dying way too much.

Later on, about level 18 or so, I joined a guild called Hand of the Forsaken.  HotF was the biggest guild Hordeside on Feathermoon at the time, but the majority of the members were level 35+.  They were pushing their top people to level 60 and preparing to hit the endgame–Onyxia and Molten Core at the time–and there wasn’t a lot of time for a lowbie warrior who didn’t have anybody else his level in the guild to pair with.  So I soloed through Lin’s 20s and 30s and into his 40s, always broke and always behind on gear.  It wasn’t until I left Hand and joined an insanely fun bunch called The Sidewinder Band that I actually got to tank instances (they didn’t go well) and run a few group quests with people my level.  A month later, Linedan was in Noxilite–the guild he’s still in today, four and a half years later–and finally hanging with a semi-regular group of friends with whom I could instance or do group quests.

I relived a lot of those memories as I went back to places he hadn’t been in years…or ever, in some cases.  I marveled at the sheer number of quests that he hadn’t done in Stranglethorn the first time through because he’d always been alone.  It felt like I’d had him there for bloody years, and yet he apparently never did any of the Nesingwary quests.  He’d never killed the ship captains off Booty Bay, or the giant up the coast, or saved Yenniku, or retrieved that gnome’s damned Pupellyverbos Port from the sands of the Hinterlands.  He ran through Silvermoon, Tranquilien, Durotar, Tirisfal, Silverpine…doing kid’s errands for a few copper.

He stalked the burning streets of Stratholme and the sweltering halls of Blackrock Depths, doing by himself in minutes what used to take five friends several hours.  He “saved” Bronzebeard’s get from Dagran Thaurissian, and slew Baron Rivendare, and retrieved Atal’ai artifacts, and got some damn weird (and annoyed) looks from level 20s who watched him one-shotting bears.

Ironically, he still did most of it alone.  I had a lot of help along the way, true, but in the end, Lin still cleared his final Northrend stumbling block in Icecrown by soloing all the five-man group quests there save one.

And so, after chipping away at it for months, last night, Linedan crossed the finish line.  His reward is a title, a nice note from Cairne Bloodhoof, and a very ugly tabard.  That title is now in front of his name, and will stay there in preference to any others–yes, even Kingslayer–until Cataclysm comes along.  It’s one thing that I’ve done that actually feels like a significant accomplishment.

This will also play into Linedan’s roleplay quite nicely.  Lin is clanless, and has been something of an exile from Tauren society because of it.  Well, not only is he Exalted with Thunder Bluff and all the other Horde factions, now he’s got the Seeker and Loremaster titles to back it up, and that note from Cairne (which I saved).  I haven’t decided yet how or if I’m going to use this going forward…maybe he’ll have a last name again?  Who knows.  Maybe I’ll finally integrate him back into Tauren society in time for Cataclysm to come along and go Cro Threadstrong on the whole apple cart.

Now what?  I’m not sure.  The next logical thing for me to work on is the World Explorer achievement.  Outland and Northrend were no problem, of course, with flying mounts.  Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms?  That’ll be a bit tougher considering that I’ll be groundbound…and repair bills due to guard death can hurt when a death costs 12 gold, not to mention the chances of having to spirit rez.  That means I’d have to go naked, or at least with no armor.  Hmm.

So over the next couple of months, if you’re on Feathermoon, and you see a Tauren in a Pink Mageweave Shirt and a Haliscan Brimmed Hat riding through Alliance-controlled territory…could you give me a few seconds to make sure I get the discovery of where we’re currently sitting before you gank me?  Thanks.  I appreciate it.

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  1. LMAO. Lin, Lin, Lin … you’ve done the hard part,my friend. Holy crap, Loremaster? Maybe someday. Explorer is easy peasy compared to that. I have 2 World Explorers and another that just needs to get his lazy butt over to the Draenei zones and finish them. Or maybe I have 3 already, I don’t remember if I ever did them on Roz or not.

    Anyway, huge grats on Loremaster, that is a ton of work. I take one look at the list of zones where I have completed zero quests (like Shadowmoon or Netherstorm) and go find something else to do. xD

    March 16, 2010 at 14:39

    • Thank you!

      I know people who are working on Loremaster on a second character. I can’t even contemplate doing that. Beltar would be the logical choice, but even he didn’t do as many quests as Linedan leveling up, plus I think Alliance have to do more overall than Horde do. With the increased rep and XP rewards from quests meaning that you have to do fewer of them, and can skip entire zones (or even blocks of zones) while leveling now, I actually think it’s harder to get Loremaster with a newer character. I had a good foundation on Linedan because he had to completely clean out zones before moving on, he needed the XP, rep, and money.

      I have a LOT of gaps to cover for Explorer, and they’re most all Alliance-controlled zones. But yeah, it won’t take that long to cover those. Just need some stylish non-durability pants to go with the pink shirt and the black sombrero…

      March 16, 2010 at 14:48

      • ..Black Mageweave Leggings coming right up, dear.

        March 16, 2010 at 15:40

  2. Bloody hell, woman, what are you trying to DO? This is the World Explorer achievement, not an achievement to be the first Tauren to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    March 16, 2010 at 15:49

  3. Juzaba

    Congrats! That’s a fantastic telling of the story, btw. And I, for one, would be proud to ride around with a giant Tauren in Black & Pink Mageweave.

    March 16, 2010 at 17:37

  4. Des

    Don’t worry, Lin…on male models, the black mageweave leggings look like Han Solo pants. You won’t be Frank N. Furter in them, unlike the less-fortunate girls.

    March 16, 2010 at 17:37

  5. Just a thought, but isn’t Feathermoon a normal-RP server? As in, no PVP unless you flag yourself? Unless you usually run around with your PVP flag on, you won’t have to worry about ganking, except for discovering the Alliance capitals (and even that is just running inside the gate and back out).

    However you wind up doing it, good luck on getting that Explorer achievement, and congrats on the ones you just got!

    March 16, 2010 at 18:33

    • It is indeed a normal RP server. The main problem comes, like you said, on cities and in newbie areas. If I go in with Lin fully geared as a prot warrior, if he gets hit, Damage Shield will reflect damage back onto the guard and auto-flag him. If I go in nekkid, and something happens to flag him, he’s very squishy and goes down quick. So I have to strike a balance. I’m not expecting any mercy when I go into newb areas like Coldridge Valley or Northridge Abbey.

      And no, I don’t run around perma-flagged. I thought about it on different characters in the past because it makes more sense from a pure RP standpoint, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle…not to mention I am awful at PvP, whatever the class.

      March 16, 2010 at 18:44

  6. Grats on Seeker and Loremaster. I proudly wear my Seeker title most of the time, because not many seem to have it.

    Gobble gobble.

    March 16, 2010 at 18:57

  7. Sanderth

    Huge congrats, Linedan! I finished the Loremaster grind on my paladin not too long ago and I’m certainly wearing that title quite proudly; I’ve considered getting it on my hunter as well, but I have to decide whether I’m truly that insane.

    Incidentally, there’s also a path through the hills around Northshire Abbey that lets you get around the guards at the wall. I believe it’s just to the east of the entryway; there is no clear path but the hills are low enough. You didn’t hear it from me, though.

    March 17, 2010 at 11:44

  8. coup

    grats sadly i never see that title… my main is a warlock and i grinded mobs to 60 back in the day

    March 18, 2010 at 10:47

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  10. Tam

    I would totally respect a tauren in pink mageweave. Totally.

    And also massive massive congratulations!

    March 22, 2010 at 07:41

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