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And troll makes five

I'm bringin' sexeh back, mon.

Meet your friendly Panzercow’s fifth level 80 character…Sakula the troll enhancement shaman, from the guild Supercow (or, as he says it, “SUPAHCOW!”, complete with exclamation point).

Sakula was the beneficiary of me going on a bit of a WoW binge on Sunday.  He started the day, before I left for church, about 250,000 xp short of level 79, wearing half mid-70s blues and half quest greens (nothing higher than ilevel 174), swinging 91 dps mainhand and 93 dps offhand green fist weapons.  He ended the day, a little after midnight, at level 80, with the two 143 dps epic weapons you see in the picture above–Greed mainhand, The Fleshshaper offhand–his first piece of T9 (shoulders), and a rack of new ilevel 187 and ilevel 200 blues.

It really wasn’t that hard.  I scattered a few normal random dungeon runs through the leveling process, breaking up the grind of questing.  The last part of 78 was done in Sholazar, and at 79, I headed over to the Argent Vanguard in Icecrown and worked through the Argent Vanguard, Crusader’s Pinnacle, Crusader Bridenbrad, and Shadow Vault lines as quickly as I could.  It is very easy to rapid-fire those quests in sequence and roll up mad xp, especially if you’re wearing at least one heirloom piece.  Combine those with normal dungeon runs that were good for 10-15% of a level per run, and the Ladies’ Troll spent no more than five hours at level 79.

I have to say, I am really liking this whole enhancement shaman thing.  I had a very hard time leveling Sakula…up until about level 50, it felt like a giant grind.  He felt hugely underpowered.  I was having to stop and drink every few fights, his DPS was bad, he was getting his ass kicked and nearly dying constantly.  It felt like trying to level a warrior in bad gear, only without the toughness of the warrior class, and with mana issues on top of all of it.  But around level 50–maybe when I picked up Shamanistic Rage–things started to turn around, slowly.  By the time Sakula arrived in Hellfire Peninsula, the grind had eased up a bit.  And come Northrend, with his faithful spirit wolves on three-minute cooldown and a pretty nice chunk of nature’s fury (and two weapons) in his hands, he wasn’t having much trouble with doing quests.

And now at 80, in instances?  Fun tiems! The new Fire Nova is awesome in a can.  Combine that with Maelstrom Weaponed Chain Lightning, and I can sort of hold my own on those constant crazy AOE pulls you get in random PUGs.  Plus…he’s a troll. Trolls are cool!  Trolls be flippin’ out, mon!  He talks to the spirits and the loas…and apparently, the spirits and the loas usually tell him to beat the shit out of things.

As much as I like Moktor, and as much as I find the death nugget class interesting (and despite my frequently ragging on it, I do find it interesting), Sakula may displace the orc bitch as my undergeared non-raiding alt of choice.  I’ll probably be randoming him to gear him up while looking for help on how I should glyph/gem/enchant him for enhancement, and then thinking about whether I want to dual-spec him, and if so, do I give him a second DPS spec as elemental…or do I cowboy up and actually, finally, after five years, give one of my characters a healing spec and dive into the terrifying world of keeping health bars full?

5 responses

  1. Lil' Edgar

    Gratz on your Shaman. Like you I also have an Enhancement Shammy alt and I love him. I especially like playing him as a stress reliever…. up close and personal beating the shit out of something with all the explosions and fire and lightning… it’s very therapeutic lol. Here’s a couple of numbers to shoot for as you get him geared up.
    Hit cap: 446 (the spell hit cap is what you need to reach as enhancement. It looks high but it’s not as hard to reach as you might think.)
    Expertise cap: 26 (not hard at all if you watch your itemization)
    After you reach these numbers you DON’T want to make the same mistake that I did gemming him like a hunter (my main). Instead of agility you want raw attack power, attack power and if you have room some attack power. As for glyphs Windfury and Stormstrike are definite keepers. The third is heavily debated depending on your spec (I have Lightning Shield). I hope this helps. Love the blog.

    January 25, 2010 at 17:16

    • Hey, thanks for the numbers! I knew about the 26 expertise, but didn’t know that I wanted to go for 446 hit instead of the 264 (8%) that melee normally uses.

      January 26, 2010 at 00:36

  2. Verdus

    With regards to becoming a healer, I simply add…

    “One of us! One of us!”

    January 25, 2010 at 19:41

  3. Lin,

    Try to talk to Grenthak/Lyshai when you can – he’s a bit of a walking resource on enhancement shamanism. I share your love on Enhancement: in fact, it’s probably the only melee spec I can like playing (sorry…. no warriors for me). Also, as for dual speccing – I love playing all healing classes, except shamans: their toolbox is so limited, I find myself frustrated most of the time. So, I would definitely counsel against starting your healing experiences with a shaman, especially not at level 80 and with the Dungeon Finder….

    January 26, 2010 at 05:29

    • Oh forgot to say – If you don’t want a dual dps spec, you can try to have an enhancement pvp spec. There’s enough variety in enhancement talents to actually have two separate specs for pve and pvp, and the pvp enhancement experience is pretty interesting, with lots of tools and counters (between shocks, spells, interrupts, wolves, shamanistic rage, snares….)

      January 26, 2010 at 09:08

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