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Shining Pearls of Wisdom–Your PUG Tank and You

The awesome orcish hawtness that is Kadomi tweeted this beautiful little nugget from the WoW Europe forums today…it’s so good, I think it needs its own blog post.  An excerpt:

This actually enrages basicly every tank, it’s pushing and annoying, and could easily be repaced by: “I’m ready ” or “Pull when you are ready”.
– If you want your tank to accidentaly let you die, use gogogogo.
– If not, just use a more friendly way to let the tank know you want to move on.
– Give the tank some time to get ready, find out what is the best way to pull the mobs, regain mana/rage etc.
– Keep in mind that the Tank might be waiting for the healer to be on full mana.
– Don’t pull. And by that I really mean, don’t pull. If you’re out of luck, the tank and healer will just let you die.

You have to read the entire post to understand just how fantastic it is.  Sourabaya (the OP) pretty much hits every annoyance that a tank can run into when tanking a PUG.  “Helpful” pullers, people ragging on your gear, the “zomg pull fastur u noob” spam, it’s all there.

I may have a deeper post on this later, but honestly, I don’t think I can add very much to what Sourabaya posted.  Read it for now, and maybe I can find a different tack on this later on this week.

19 responses

  1. I had a shaman that insisted on pulling everything in a heroic nexus run. He kept trying to goad me by saying “I do this on my pally tank.” Finally, I told him that I didn’t give a damn about his e-peen and we’d pull at my pace. He was a resto shaman and was able to keep himself up when he pulled before I was ready, but I determinedly did not let him pull.

    At the end of the run, he called the entire group “pansies” and dropped group. He’s currently on my ignore list.

    I always let the healer know that I will pull as fast as I am able and to let me know if it is too fast. Most are understanding. occasionally, we get one who is as crazy as the rest of us. One even challenged keltyr to pull faster, not demanded, but did put it out there as a challenge. And that was fun and exciting and not at all insulting.

    Seriously, how hard is it to just be polite?

    January 4, 2010 at 14:55

    • I have not had anybody insult my tanking on Lin yet. I did try to have Latisha tank a normal Mana Tombs (she was 68 with maybe one piece of tanking gear, all quest greens and underleveled blues + heirlooms)…that didn’t go well. At all.

      The things that tanks do that drive me crazy when I’m on my DPS? Pulling too fast is far and away #1. Pulling at a fast pace is fine, but good grief, people, leave a few seconds for people to loot–I gotta pay my repair and ammo bills somehow! The worst I saw about that was a partial (3/5) Crushridge perform that Illithanis got dropped into. We did Oculus, top to bottom, in thirteen minutes flat. In fact, I almost died because they were clearing blue drakes around Varos’ platform, so I started in on one…then I noticed that all four of the other people in the party had dismounted their drakes and pulled Varos. The whole run was like that.

      I have actually run into very few tanks who were just flat-out “bad,” or even douchebags. I haven’t run into that many jerks at all, come to think of it. A few, but not many, and fortunately I haven’t (yet) been the target of any of their text flatulence.

      January 4, 2010 at 15:09

      • Umm…

        Considering I’ve been in groups that have been like that and really enjoy it. I will do it on Dorri if the healer is okay with the constant push. When Keltyr or Haicu tank and we’re feeling cocky, we will do this too. A lot of times, I just want out of the dungeon as soon as possible and even the small bit of silver from the random loot isn’t worth the time it takes to loot it.

        January 4, 2010 at 17:35

      • Pill, I think I’d take it better if you or Kel were doing it…not just because I know you, but because y’all would actually, y’know, say something, probably something funny. Even if the tank just said “I’m pulling fast, hang on, here we go,” I’d probably be more OK with it. It’s the ones that just run off and expect us to keep up regardless of position or mana without any warning or so much as a word that bother me–y’know, the ones pulling with the rest of the group two rooms back who then scream at the healer when they die. I don’t like the attitude of “I’m nonstop pulling without telling you and it’s your fault if you don’t keep up.” Now if I ask, and the group’s OK with me pulling like that? Hell yeah, I’m all over it–less downtime = more rage for the next pull. But the group should agree on what pace to run beforehand. That’s why I pull at middling-to-fast speed, but not consta-pull.

        I realize it might be a bit hypocritical for me to bust on high-speed tanks, then to turn around and say “if I’m pulling too slow, deal with it” (as I’ve done in the past–I seem to remember getting frustrated with a certain undead mage who tended to pull mobs for me 🙂 ). But that’s the way I feel. And that small bit of silver adds up, especially with Linedan being perma-broke.

        January 4, 2010 at 19:03

      • quel anniversiare…la première bougie!!! Bravooo à VOUS, les filles!!! Le mérite vous revient amplement! Vous débordez d&oBv;énergiiie…3ra9#oo aux coups de coeur de juin/juillet! Les réas sont superbes superbes! bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        May 10, 2017 at 00:53

  2. Aww, you flatter me. 🙂 As tank who is tired of the gogogo BS and the trend of anyone pulling anything they please, I am a cranky tank at the moment who has gone back to guild runs.

    January 4, 2010 at 15:43

    • I have to be in a certain kind of mood to tank a random. If I’m in a bad mood or tired or think I don’t have the focus to tank, then I’ll swap over to fury spec and stand the 10-15 minute wait to go as DPS. For guildies or friends, or if I want to keep my tanking sharp and I feel like I can do a good job, then I’ll try it since I can get in instantly.

      Honestly, I have one other reason not wanting to tank randoms on Lin besides not wanting to deal with potential idiots…the chance we might get heroic Halls of Reflection. That place, as a warrior tank, scares me like Shattered Halls and Shadow Labyrinth did back in the day. I have yet to be able to successfully lead a group through heroic HoR. My wife did a fantastic beartank job and got us through yesterday…she did a great job, and we had a near-perfect group composition (druid tank, paladin healer, fury warrior/mage/shadow priest DPS), plus the paladin healer had 32k+ mana. And even then, it was an extremely close thing, and I died three times on the Big Round Room, because that’s what fury warriors do.

      I can tank pretty much any other 5-man heroic in the game in my sleep, but Pit of Saron will probably stretch me a bit when it comes up on heroic…and HoR is just brutal.

      January 4, 2010 at 15:52

  3. “I have to be in a certain kind of mood to tank a random. If I’m in a bad mood or tired or think I don’t have the focus to tank, then I’ll swap over to fury spec and stand the 10-15 minute wait to go as DPS. For guildies or friends, or if I want to keep my tanking sharp and I feel like I can do a good job, then I’ll try it since I can get in instantly.”

    This describes me on my DK tank right now. After a few really bad PUGs at the end of the holidays, I’ve given up tanking in random PUGs for now. I will happily tank for people that I know, but it’s almost become too stressful to try and tank for 4 complete strangers.

    January 4, 2010 at 16:20

  4. Jheherrin / Kasreyn

    I’ve started being a cranky tank recently.

    The “gogo” mentality is just pissing me off, and quite honestly any twit ret pally or dps warrior that can’t be arsed to wait the few seconds for DnD to come off cooldown can just lie there in a pile of their steaming entrails and contemplate their own arseholes when they pull.
    If they complain I just say “well you pulled it, why didn’t you tank it?”

    And yes, it always seems to be the ret pallies and the fury warriors. I have nothing against those classes, I have a fury warrior myself, but I hate the idiots that have to play the fotm class all the time and give it a bad name.

    January 5, 2010 at 05:38

  5. I admit I’m guilty of the “gogogogo”. On Tsark, I really don’t need to drink: in fact, I used to tell tanks that they should not worry about my mana because between Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope and Inner Focus I could handle pulls even if they saw me at low mana (and I’m not against popping the occasional potion, if things go south). Although I don’t like the code of silence that seems to rule cross-realm Heroics, I too want to get out as quickly as possible, like Pill. Now, I will normally actually write “gogogogo” if I *know* the tank, and thus he knows that I’m just being facetious. With my favourite tank we always try to finish the instance before the Dungeon Debuff runs out (we managed twice, so far – Utgarde Keep and AN). I did however get pissed off with a paladin tank chain pulling while I was healing on my druid – in fact, I’ll probably have to include that in a blog post soon (how’s that for a teaser?)

    January 5, 2010 at 12:25

  6. “Gogogo” “pull” “hurry up” – all that is bound to get somebody kicked when I’m tanking. On my 80 tank, I tend to group with a healer friend and at least one DPS buddy, so idiots are screwed. I’m fond of letting the pulling DPS die, though.

    January 5, 2010 at 16:11

  7. Groendell

    These pearls of wisdom are great. I can’t wait to see the rest of them from my PC at home.

    I want to share it’s not just in PuG Heroics anymore either.

    I am leveling my Warrior by tanking the occasional random dungeon (more Triumphs emblems please). (Side note: I used to tank in TBC as a Feral Druid and I occasionly respec and tank heroics with him- a lot less buttons than warriors for sure!) Entered regular Draktharon Keep for the first time (as a 75 or 76 warrior tank)and had the mage screaming “gogogogogo” with the druid healer agreeing with him (unfortunately)after the 2nd pull. So we get to the room with the imps(or is it geists?) and Aboms. I pull 1 set and the mage decides he is pulling the rest of the room…I pick up as many as i can but end up not getting them all- mage dies- druid dies and it’s a wipe. Although, half of the room was cleared before we wipe. Start running back and hear nothing but “fail tank” and “I waited half an hour for this??” from the druid and mage. I respond by thanking the mage for pulling the room. They ended up leaving after pronouncing they’d rather wait the timer out before proceeding with my failness. The rest of the group was cool and even-minded realizing the mage was an idiot and not sure what the druid was complaining about. After waiting 5 minutes we got another healer and dps. The rest of the run was smooth. I was able to start pulling a little faster as I became more confident with the trash. I try to always monitor the casters mana- to make sure they can heal or dps.

    I expected to hear this more in heroics not so much in regular leveling dungeons. I realize I am not the uberest tank. I am trying to learn some of the mechanics still- but how much time would he save pulling more? What did he have to do next? Re-que for another 15-20 minutes?

    It’d be nice to get some more politeness back in this game. The D-bags are becoming way too common.

    January 6, 2010 at 14:42

  8. Corise

    I’m too scared to even try the LFD system with my tankadin. Yelgah’s a fairly freshly dinged 80, wearing mostly blues with a couple of ilevel 200 crafted epics and a heroic drop or two. When I do heroics, it’s because I actually need the gear upgrades. I’m also still learning the finer points of tanking, and while I don’t think I suck too badly most of the time, I occasionally screw up. Judging from what I’ve seen from the LFD system on Corise, I don’t know how many people out there are willing to be patient for someone like me. If they didn’t drop group at the first sight of my 26K unbuffed health pool, I imagine they’d be gone the first time I botched a pull, or hesitated too long for their tastes, or failed to keep aggro over a trigger-happy DPSer.

    If and when I get a little more gear and a little more confidence in my own abilities, I might be willing to give it a shot. But some of the abuse and irrational blame I’ve seen heaped on well-geared and skilled tanks makes me hesitant even then. I know there are nice people out there; I’ve grouped with some of them on Corise. They just seem few and far between sometimes.

    January 8, 2010 at 12:50

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  10. Skullkrushor

    In regards to the tank shortage there is 1 thing bliz could do to improve the situation for tanks. Give them automatic leadership and the power to boot anyone at anytime from the random group.

    My main is a warrior tank. I love tanking and the 3 secs q’s. Only 1 thing annoys me and thats dps that ‘help’ me by pulling for me. And doing other similar things. Im not slow. I go fast, set the pace and push people a little. But every now and again there is some moron who does this. It also makes things harder to tank (having to pick mobs up after people, and warrior aoe is not the best), creates the risk of wipes and it really makes things unenjoyable for me. Overall it usually slows things down. People who do this and say things like “gogogogo” are what stop me from Queing more often.

    Honestly, if you want more people to que as tanks, let them boot randoms with ease.

    January 19, 2010 at 05:02

    • I completely disagree with this.

      There are plenty of tanks out there that already throw hissy fits at the slightest provication.

      January 19, 2010 at 16:35

  11. I have a baby prot warrior that is following your guide to tanky goodness. I tried the PuGs and ran in to a mage who was annoyed that my pulls were too small. (Pull more, grab both rooms, you’re not making it worth the mana to use my blizzard) After a pointing out that our healer is barely keeping me up with the pulls we have been doing, the hunter took it upon himself to pull for me.
    I threw a plate queen fit and left them in the SM Library feeling justified… right up until my son (my tank go to guy) shook his head and told me I was wrong… o.O Me? But.. but..
    Once I got over my shock and dismay of being ‘wrong’, I asked why. He told me that if I run in to people like this again, and yes I will run in to them often, it is my job to pull those bigger groups and quietly watch them fall one by one for a lovely wipe over and over until they get it that they really should let the tank manage the pulls.
    Okay so he is right. Only now I’m gun shy and have only run dungeons with my guild members, people that know me. Reading these articles and comments, I realize I really do need to get over myself and drag Brittany back out there kicking and screaming to PuG another dungeon. If I don’t do it and soon… I may never get passed level 39 with her.

    January 20, 2010 at 15:02

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  13. Socks

    Oh god yes. That post is so much win, especially the beginning.

    I’m leveling a prot pally. Well, I was, until she got into BFD (she’s level 21). I hate that place, I always get turned around, and I think I’ve only been in there like 4 times ever. So I said that I don’t know the way around really well and if I go the wrong way let me know.

    Well, the group wants to do a full clear, and so do I; we down turtle boss and I’m confused as to where to go. No one’s making a decision so I pick a direction and just go. One of our DPS leaves. I /w him and ask why. He says “If we’re not doing a full clear, then I’m not interested.”

    I explain again that I don’t know the way around and if I was going the wrong way he should have said something. He says he got into another group and that’s that. We get another DPS in. I start the “We want to do a full clear but I’m a little bit lost…” explanation. This guy says, “If we’re doing a full clear, I’m leaving.”

    I dropped group and haven’t played my prot pally since. I’ll stick to my DPS and healers, thanks. At some point, I’ll give tanking another go, maybe on my level 80 pally now that I’ve discovered that Healadin sucks giant flaming monkey balls is not for me.

    But as a DPS and as a healer (just not on my pally), I would like to thank you for your service, Panzercow. 🙂 You have far more patience than I do, clearly.

    May 20, 2010 at 12:53

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