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LFD: Looking For D-Bags

(Before we begin, please observe a moment of silence for my home computer’s hard drive, whose crappy firmware last night decided to depart this fallen earth and leave behind its bricked metal shell.  This may also be used as a cautionary tale…if you’ve got a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA drive in your machine, back the damn thing up now. This is the second one I’ve had fail in less than eighteen months.  DIAF, Seagate, I’m done with you.  It’s off to Worst Buy tonight for some Western Digital lovin’ and an evening spent reinstalling everydamnthing on my computer instead of hanging out with my guild for our in-game Winterveil party.)

Obviously, a lot of the chatter in the WoW blogosphere has been about patch 3.3’s awesome new Looking for Dungeon cross-server instancing tool.  It is, after all, simplicity itself.  It removes anything resembling thought, effort, or social interaction from running your favorite five-man instances!  Just push a few buttons, sit back and wait (note:  the waiting part is optional if you are a tank or healer), and voila.  You too will be thrown into a wonderful garden spot like Utgarde Keep or Gun’drak with four total strangers with whom you will engage in 10 to 30 minutes of frenzied activity and then never see again.  As others are wondering, is this what casual sex feels like?

I have run about, eh, 25 or so random heroics since the patch went in.  About half have been on Beltar, my dwarf hunter, with the remainder split between Linedan and my other level 80 alts.  I’ve only tanked three randoms on Lin–the others, I’ve gone as DPS to practice on his new offspec (more on that in another post).  And much to my surprise, generally, my experiences have been neutral to pleasant.

Now, I’m not generally accused of a huge amount of charity toward my fellow WoW players.  I never liked to PUG that much before the LFD tool came along.  But suddenly, I find it strangely addicting.  Part of it, I think, is that I’m finding that my two most undergeared alts–Illithanis the BM hunter and Moktor the blood DK–don’t actually suck as much as I thought they did, or perhaps I don’t suck as much at playing them as I thought I did, or some of both.  (The links are to their respective Armory pages, so you may gaze upon them and laugh.)  Both of them are generally running with a good bit of ilevel 200 gear, Illy more so because she actually got into a few 10-man Naxx runs several months back.  Both seem capable of consistently bringing 1800-2200 dps in heroics, despite Illy’s wasp dying regularly and my seeming inability to grasp the DK concept of “PS – IT – HS – HS – DS – RP  //  DS – HS – HS – HS – HS – RP”.  (I get my DS before my HS, or I stop and RP instead of actually using runic power, or some such.  Letturs r hard.)  Anyhoo, while neither of them are going to rizzock the hizzouse in Ulduar or higher anytime soon, so far, they’ve not even been laughed at by a heroic group, much less votekicked.  In fact, Illy, with her pedestrian 2k dps, has topped the meters more than once.

No, really, I’ve only seen one person get kicked (a rogue, in full Hateful Gladiator’s with 25k health, only doing 800 dps), and no massive displays of incompetence.  Now what I have seen are a few examples of some pretty serious douchebag ex machina, and the one overriding thing…silence.

Let’s talk about the d-bags.  There haven’t been many, and contrary to what some of us RP-server types might think, these weren’t primarily from PvP servers.  Probably the biggest example I saw was when I had dps!Linedan on a heroic Azjol-Nerub run.  The tank was a death nugget that had about 29,500 health buffed out.  Nobody said anything, even though there seems to be this unspoken rule that if your tank has less than about 45k health, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY TANK A HEROIC AZJOL AMG WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.  Never mind that I tanked heroic AN back in the day with 25k in crafted blues and epics.  Poorly, but I did it.  And I had to walk uphill in the snow four miles each way to do it.

So off we went, and it was a perfectly normal dungeon run.  Nobody died, we killed Anub v1.0 and everything was peachy.  Then the following conversation ensued between the healer, a tree druid from Uldum, and the tank:

Tree says, “hey, (tank name here)?”

Tank says, “huh?”

Tree says, “Nothing.  I just wanted you to respond so I could ignore you and never group with you again.  Get some gear, noob.”

Now mind you, nobody died.  We never wiped.  The tank never lost agro, even on the trash-filled last part of Anub, which can still get a little bit pear-shaped even in high-zoot Tier gear.  Apparently, the tree actually might’ve had to work a little at healing the DK, and we can’t possibly have that.

I tried to buck up the DK by telling him, “look, my main spec is prot, I’ve got 4/5 T9.25, I tank ToGC and Icecrown.  I know tanking even if I don’t know how DKs do it.  You did fine.  Screw the haters.”  I hope he believed me.  I wish I could remember the guy’s name and server, so I could give him a shout-out.

And speaking of shouts or the lack thereof…that’s the other creepy thing about LFD.  The total silence.  I’ve gone complete instance runs without anybody in the party–me included–saying a damn thing.  We land at the entrance, buffs fly, and then the tank wordlessly runs off and grabs the first trash group without saying a word.  And off we go to the races, the tank setting a blistering pace (almost without exception) while the DPS and the healer pant along behind.  Chain-pulling is the order of the day, crowd control is not needed.  No strategy, no breaks, no drinking.  I’m damn glad my only mana-using class I’ve taken through randoms has been a hunter, because the ability to regen on the run with Aspect of the Viper is the only thing keeping me from ending up half a mile behind the main group.

Eventually we’ll kill the final boss, get some screen spam and extra emblems…and then, maybe, somebody will say “thanks” or “gg”, and that’s it.  The group’s dissolved, and I’m back wherever I was before I queued, richer by some enchanting mats and badgers, and maybe, on my lesser-geared characters, some new toys.  It’s a fun experience, but it’s oddly empty.  I console myself with the thought that probably I don’t really want to talk to the other four people I just grouped with…but that’s not much of a way to play, and not a very good thought to have, now is it?

I really don’t like only having one roleplay server per battlegroup.  I would love to be able to instance-group with RPers from places like Argent Dawn and Sentinels and Moon Guard (leave your vampire catgirls and sons of Arthas at home plox), and do some of these heroics at a slightly more relaxed pace in-character.  Instead, this is a strictly OOC business we’re in, running these randoms.  It’s all about speed.  I know on the ones that I’ve tanked, I feel pushed because I’m not normally a chain-puller.  I cut my teeth as an undergeared tank that had to wait for healers and DPS to fill their tanks before pulling again, and that’s carried over into Lin’s current pimped-out status.  My very first tank run, I had a DK “helpfully” start pulling “for” me.  Nothing frosts my cornflakes faster than somebody else doing the pulling when I’m the tank.  My theory is simple:  I’d rather take two minutes longer to finish the instance than risk a wipe that’ll cost us five minutes.  So in randoms, I do pull faster, but I always check that there’s at least some blue in the blue bars in my party frames, and that we’re all gathered, before pulling.

Heck, sometimes, I even say things in party chat.  RANK HERESY!

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  1. I blather randomly in party chat, especially when the DPS target is anything that I’m not currently hitting.

    December 21, 2009 at 15:19

  2. The silence bothers me too. I am always very happy when there’s people from Feathermoon in my groups. That way I actually get to hear people talk! I said hi to one guy from Daggerspine, I think, and he was all ‘Huh, do I know you or what?’ General friendliness? Not expected. If you ever run anything with Kadomi, Garande or Hélle from Bronzebeard, I like to chit-chat, and I don’t need to do any racing. 🙂

    December 21, 2009 at 15:21

  3. Yeah. I always try to at least get the ball rolling by saying “Hi!” or “Hiyas!” and (if on paladin tank) explaining I’m a bit undergeared but ready to roll or if I’m on druid healer that I need 2 seconds to buff, drink a potion or two and THEN I’ll be ready. I find that the silent surly groups have less fun than the chatty groups, so I will try to engage the people behind the toons as I can.

    Then of course, there’s the idiots who say ‘W/E GO FASTER NOW PLS’ and will, like you said, helpfully pull the next group. If that happens, I’ll say that I prefer to pull when tanking and if it happens a second time I usually leave explaining why. I’m happy to go back and wait 15 minutes to get into the next group.

    Overall though, I think it’s fantastic and love using it.

    December 21, 2009 at 15:22

    • You’re definitely doing it right, and I tend to respond in kind if somebody (especially the tank) is talking and friendly.

      I feel for tanks trying to use the random system (especially on heroics) to gear up. I’ve heard way too many stories of DPS and healers immediately bailing upon inspecting the tank and not finding them up to their “proper” level of gearing (which usually means T8+, so they can faceroll the instance and get badges faster). When my human prot warrior Latisha hits 80, she’ll be going through that. It drives me nuts.

      Yeah, the tank’s undergeared compared to your raid buddies, Mister Leet 2k Deeps. So what? The tank is at the EXPECTED gear level FOR THE INSTANCE. Back your DPS down, follow the marks, watch your agro, and actually run the instance instead of letting your cat play on the keyboard while you’re watching pr0nz.

      (By “you” in the previous paragraph, I don’t mean you, Petal. I tend to overuse the second person quite a bit when I write.)

      December 21, 2009 at 15:30

      • snuzzle

        2k dps isn’t “leet” anymore, it’s laughable. I got booted from a heroic for “only” doing 3.5k.

        3.5k. In a heroic.

        And I got booted.

        December 22, 2009 at 22:16

      • MyName

        The “worst” part of all of this is that I went from crappy blues to full tanking T9 on my DK in the couple of weeks the patch has been out. I now outgear my druid who was tanking all of T7 and parts of T8. And sometimes I still feel undergeared compared to the DPS. There was a lock that literally evaporated the mobs in H Violet Hold. I couldn’t keep aggro off of him without taunts and it didn’t matter as the mob would die before it got to him.

        That being said, it’s alot more fun than having DPS that is doing less damage than you are.

        December 23, 2009 at 16:36

  4. I’ve been lucky to have not complete silence thus far. Everyone has been quite polite and nice with exception of one run were 1/2 the group thought it would be AWESOME to leave just AFTER pulling the first boss in Heroic Halls of Lightning. Needless to say as a resto shaman, my only option was to die and drop group. ;_;

    December 21, 2009 at 15:32

  5. Verdus

    Personally, I always at least greet the people in my random groups. Usually they respond in kind, even if it doesn’t last and it’s silence until the parting “thanks”. And I count myself fortunate that, despite the occasional bad player, I’ve only landed in one bad group. They actually vote-kicked me because I fairly won the roll on the red Santa hat after putting up with 30 minutes of their douchebaggery, with only the final boss left. /sigh

    December 21, 2009 at 16:32

  6. RJK

    I also try to put a “Hi” out there, I am sure there would be silence without that. do your duty and move on! Like you I would typically wait for mana etc. I have always tried to take care of my healers. It seems odd charging in and not even doing a ready check. 🙂

    December 21, 2009 at 17:09

  7. Sanderth

    For me, it’s worth noting that the one LFG instance I’ve run that truly fell flat on its face in a spectacular fashion involved a DK tank in full Icecrown 25-man gear who claimed to be the 4th best DK on his entire server, not someone who was simply incompetent. He was constantly rude to everybody besides his healer, who he’d apparently taken along with him from his raid group. The DPS, including my mage, had only started to instance recently; anyone else would probably find it reasonable to expect that a DK in the best possible gear would still out-dps people in heroic gear. The fact he even votekicked someone for disagreeing didn’t help, and he had to say “i cant believe i’m saying this, but does everyone know this fight” when we got to Loken.

    The remarkable thing was, we died three times to Loken before he said “– you all i quit” and dropped group, and all of them were from mistakes he made as the tank that even I noticed easily, even starting one pull without the healer even in Loken’s room, saying “i can take the damage.” To this date, I’m keeping that in mind as a sign that gear in no way demonstrates your competence as a human being, and definitely doesn’t demonstrate your social skills.

    Fortunately, that’s one spectacularly horrible memory amidst a bunch of uneventful ones or even fairly good runs. I do wish that Feathermoon had other RP servers it could group with; by some happy coincidence Moon Guard apparently is in the same battlegroup as Wyrmrest Accord, another roleplaying server. My same gnome mage who had the horror story with the DK tank also ended up in a group with two others from WRA, and the run actually went perfectly. And, shockingly, when she started to RP a little, they RP’D BACK AT HER. It definitely makes me wish people from other roleplaying servers could interact more.

    December 21, 2009 at 17:10

  8. Rhynchos

    My experiences with the new LFG tool have been pretty good, but I’m not running endgame heroics. I’m using it as a 30-ish prot warriot to tank the low-level classic dungeons. (I figure it’s better that I learn to tank now, while I’m leveling, than try to learn it at 80, even if it makes the leveling a bit slower.)

    Truth be told, I’ve had several really good groups. No one complaining, everyone playing fair with loot, and excellent healers. (To the point where, after the first few pulls, I hardly need to glance at my health bar, because the healer’s got it covered.)

    So yeah, it’s been very positive. Besides, what other way are you going to get a group for old-world, low-level dungeons?

    December 21, 2009 at 17:45

  9. Kel

    On both my druid Windstar and my pally Arien, I’ve had a LOT of silent runs, a couple with total jerks, and a few with people that actually talked a bit. A couple runs, there have even been ready checks before bosses. I have also been fortunate enough to get several groups with the WFR-&-Co.

    And then there was that one H VH, with a group all from the same guild, with Windstar as the PuG dps. They were even from Feathermoon. Those people joked and trash-talked with each other the whole dang run. They even tried to include me in some of it. That was the best PuG instance I have ever had.

    And then there was the group with my other druid, Jahira. It was H FoS, I had just respecced from boomkin to tree, and I hadn’t played that character since my guild was still raiding Naxx. First bad sign? The tank ran to the first pull when I was still OOM from switching specs. I told them to wait, I needed mana, and was ignored. I left as they ran out of sight and started the next pull. A small part of me hopes they wiped horribly. -.-

    So far, I still love the LFG tool. It has ups and downs, but other than that one group, who probably ignored me so I’ll never see them again, I haven’t had anything bad enough to remember.

    December 22, 2009 at 05:22

  10. Zuckernippel

    I love the fact that as a tank, i don’t have a long waiting time! Especially since she is the one that needs the badges. Quite honestly have I not have had a really bad experience. Yes, there have been times, when I was top dps, but who really cares, other than to have a laugh, when we still down every boss.
    On the other hand, it can be quite annoying when I have to wait more than 10 minutes for a group on my main, who is a shadowpriest (the best there is *cough cough* :-). But I only need to run it once for the Frost Badges and then i’m set for the day.
    Altogether, I think it is a great addition to the game and hope the keep it up throughout further additions to the game

    December 22, 2009 at 09:45

  11. “I really don’t like only having one roleplay server per battlegroup.”

    We’ve been talking about this in guild a lot. We’d much rather run instances with folks from the other RP servers.

    December 22, 2009 at 12:33

    • God yes. I would be happy to put up with a few days of disruption while they rearranged the RP servers to have a single battlegroup.

      December 22, 2009 at 21:21

  12. I respecced my druid from kitty to bear so I could start using the LFD system at mid 40s. DPS is just crazy and apparently everyone thinks all tanks are like pallys and front load all their threat.

    I am making a script to run at zone in, letting folks know that as a bear tank I need rage. I need a little bit of time to get some aggro.

    Of course, I am finding rage based tanking loves the chain pulls. I just monitor the healer’s mana. I had a lock, of all things, wanting to stop for mana. I said, Mana tap and let’s roll.

    December 22, 2009 at 12:37

  13. flaime

    Pie, noone knows how to DPS in these things anymore. Heroic Halls of Reflection has just been brutal as a druid tank with anyone who does significant AOE. They never give me time to get aggro, even on the stuff that will 1 shot them.

    Blizzard has had us AOEing everything for so long that nobody is capable of doing anything else anymore.

    December 22, 2009 at 12:44

  14. I’ve had a mage pull for me because I wasn’t chain pulling. I sometimes follow the crazy concept of marking targets, too. How awful of me!

    Since, if I ever bother to LFG with my tank again, I will let other pulls for me. But I won’t use “growl” or whatever threat grabbing mechanism until they’re dead.

    December 22, 2009 at 13:10

  15. I actually had the lvl 49 hunter run up to the mobs with me to drop an explosive trap. And get aggro on every mob I hadn’t either 1) charged or 2) growled at.

    December 22, 2009 at 13:12

  16. Cosette

    “I cut my teeth as an undergeared tank that had to wait for healers and DPS to fill their tanks before pulling again, and that’s carried over into Lin’s current pimped-out status. My very first tank run, I had a DK “helpfully” start pulling “for” me. Nothing frosts my cornflakes faster than somebody else doing the pulling when I’m the tank. My theory is simple: I’d rather take two minutes longer to finish the instance than risk a wipe that’ll cost us five minutes. So in randoms, I do pull faster, but I always check that there’s at least some blue in the blue bars in my party frames, and that we’re all gathered, before pulling.”

    We’re pretty much in the same boat. I learned my tanking in Burning Crusade, and have kept habits from that (people have been at a complete loss when I mention I’m corner pulling something, and decide I’m a bad tank when I even mention the concept of CC). God forbid I pause even a second after a pull, or take the time to say anything in party chat. The DPS will kindly up the pace by purposely running headfirst into the next group to cure me of my consideration. I tend to get a bit obsessive about my tanking, and consider anyone dying to be something I could have prevented by doing better, but that mindset probably only makes the problem worse.

    It’s probably an endless cycle by now, but DPS and healers who lament the lack of tanks who don’t chain pull at lightning speed, rest of the group be damned? Keep in mind that the tanks who don’t follow this new mantra are getting punished for it. It’s not just the tanks in the groups that are capable of being the d-bags.

    December 22, 2009 at 14:01

  17. Des

    Nobody’s started trying to pull for Keilos yet – yet. Tahl has been votekicked, though, for allegedly doing 1.9K DPS in Heroic HoR…when my Recount showed him and Cinders doing their normal 5-man 3K DPS or so. I’ve tried not to let it get to me..but as a beast master, it can be difficult to ignore the haters.

    On a side note – might I ask why Illi didn’t take Ferocious Inspiration? It’s the hallmark BM buff (even if Retadins do override it now, you won’t always have one of those around), and ups Arcane Shot damage as well.

    December 22, 2009 at 14:12

    • MyName

      From what I’ve read, there have been problems with recount in the cross server dungeons as it uses a special data channel to communicate that doesn’t exist in these places. So it will only pick up damage from people that are near your character. Which means if the person is melee and you’re ranged, they might not have the correct total (or vice versa).

      December 23, 2009 at 16:43

  18. “In fact, Illy, with her pedestrian 2k dps, has topped the meters more than once.”

    Probably not, actually. Recount relies on server-side channels that are not shared between servers, and so unless you’re in melee range, not all data is reported. As a result, ranged damage and healing in particular looks VERY different to different people.

    Recount is a useful tool if everyone’s on the same server. If they’re not, it’s incredibly deceptive.

    December 22, 2009 at 21:20

  19. snuzzle

    I hate the silence and I hate the “omg chain pull” tanks. As a long-time bear, I like to think I keep a fairly fast pace. I was pulling entire hallways at 70 and laughing with my guildies while doing it. It was chaotic, it was insane, it was fun. And we always had a little mana break before the bosses. We’d get in and out in 30-45 minutes of absolute awesome.

    Now? 30 minutes is considered an UNACCEPTABLY LONG TIME to be in a heroic. If you’re not at the last boss while your random debuff is still up, you’re fail.

    I’m just getting back into tanking, and feeling horribly inadequate. I actually flask for randoms now to give me the extra 1.3k HP boost to avoid the healer/dps leaving on me for “only” having 35k unbuffed. I get vote-kicked for not being able to keep aggro on everything when everyone is DPSing something different and the mage is “helping” by pulling the next group. Or the healer will just randomly leave in the middle of a pull and we all die, then I get yelled at for us wiping. What?

    It’s just as bad for lowbies. Even though we don’t have badges at stake, we have to get those Satchels as quickly as possible. I’m levelling a baby priest (he’s 42) and the tanks don’t even give me time to load and get my bearings before they’re off to pull the first group. I usually sit and buff/drink and let them die. I don’t care if they cuss me out and leave group. Effing wait for your effing healer before you effing pull. My queues are instant too, you know, and I don’t have to tolerate your complete lack of thought as to what someone who you need to keep you alive might be doing.

    I see this in heroics too. I was in a hNexx and the heler zoned in in his DPS spec, said “Wait, spec hopping” and the tank just blasted off anyway. Unfortunately, it was a paladin tank and a single dragon, so he kept himself up with Holy Lights while the heler drank and buffed. I was actually disappointed that his stupidity didn’t get him killed.

    Overall, although I am enjoying the flow of badges, this new tool is turning a lot of the people who use it into massive fat-headed jerks. I’m afraid to queue on my tank who needs the badges the most and too annoyed to queue on my healer (doesn’t help that all there is in the 42 range that’s yellow is Mara Orange and I’m sick to screaming death of that place.)

    Whew… I feel better. Thanks for letting me use your post as a ranting springboard.

    *steps down from soap box*

    December 22, 2009 at 22:26

  20. etranger

    I lost two Barracuda HDDs as well! Crazy super frustrating, isn’t it!

    Mind you, if someone reading this owns a Seagate hard drive, you don’t have to wait until it breaks down: a known firmware fault can make the HDD unbootable, it’s just a matter of time until the bug is triggered — BUT YOU CAN AVOID THIS by downloading the firmware update from Seagate’s web site! Don’t worry if you got the right version of the HDD or the firmware, just UPDATE IT.

    December 23, 2009 at 08:00

  21. roe

    YAY, FEATHERMOON! Yup, us Feathermoon folks will chat. 🙂 Here’s a story: So a group I was in of allied guild folks PUGged for a healer to do the first Icecrown 5-man. Healer (not from Feathermoon) comes in, we’re all, “Hi! What’s up?” Healer doesn’t say anything until we ask them if they’re ready. We get “y.” Okies, off we go.

    We’re pulling, we’re killing, we’re focused but making little jokes here and there…healer still doesn’t talk. At all. I whisper a buddy, “Um…does he not like us? He won’t talk!” It eventually turned into a group effort to get the healer to say something…say ANYTHING…please?!

    At the end of the run, the healer said he’d go with us to the next one. Group whispers: “!!! :D” They finally unbent a little bit in the second instance, but man…

    As for tanking H Halls of Reflection…I haven’t tanked that yet. Tanked the first two in Heroic on bear druid, am REALLY nervous about tanking the third. I’ve pugged it as kitty dps and have seen more bitching in more groups about the tank’s skills than I can say. I can tank — I’m OT in a 10-man raid group — but I’m not an elegant, “natural” tank. Put it this way: I’d have to tank H HoR many, many, MANY times with guild buddies before ever PUGging that puppy as tank. I totally salute those who are tanking that now.

    December 23, 2009 at 14:40

  22. Toby

    So where do the badgers drop – I’ve never seen one!

    Been running LFG on my Chicken/Tree and I’ve never once had a group as chicken.

    On the other hand, I’ve also never once waited more than a couple of minutes!

    I’m thinking of swapping my Chicken for a Bear but I love my boomy Chicken.

    I have on the other hand seen an alarming rise in the number of people who roll as DPS and expect a Battle Res in 5 mans. I’ve been kicked from a group (and a raid) for not battle rezzing some DPS during a boss. As they can’t kick me mid-fight, usually this happens at the end of the fight and has been accompanied by “lrn ur cls n00b” and similar statements.

    To those haters and idiots, I’m just waiting for the cross server “ignore”!

    December 23, 2009 at 21:45

  23. Sanderth

    Having just gotten good enough gear for my paladin to start tanking yesterday, I have to add that the LFD system really does put a lot more strain on the tank than I ever thought it did. If you keep running instances, there’s no downtime at all, which is good when you want to grind badges fast, but sometimes you just have to take a break from the queue. All these fast pulls put a lot of pressure on someone just starting to tank, and a lot of people seem to have no patience for someone just learning. I started tanking mostly to meet the badge quota I set for myself faster; I’ve come out of it with a lot of respect for others who are tanking.

    Getting Occulus for my first run probably didn’t help me out a lot. At least I had a CoS run that went well afterward, I was even complimented for doing well as a first-time tank. Then another Occulus run, then a Pit of Saron run where the healer was constantly trying to contradict the marks I set and complaining when we didn’t go fast enough. I almost lost faith in my ability to tank after that.

    December 24, 2009 at 14:20

  24. snuzzle

    I’ve been queuing as heals exclusively, well tonight I decided to pop in as heals/dps (dualspecced ret and holy). Actually got put into a group as dps tonight :O Was shocked, but it was a lovely change of pace.

    December 24, 2009 at 18:45

  25. Pikxie

    My last LFD was Razorfen Downs on my Priest. I got about 3/4 of the way through buffing everyone and the Bear tank takes off and begins to chain pull (as I’m at 300/2600 mana). Literally, the rest of the instance was me spamming “Mana” into Party and the tank ignoring me. Were it not for my insanely large mana pool (thank you to my alt who is an Enchanter), a stack of mana potions, and my avoiding looting ANYTHING because I was taking every spare second to sit and drink in the hopes of getting to over 1500 mana, we would have wiped multiple times. Finally, on the last trash pull, after posting “Mana” and having the tank start pulling as I was drinking AGAIN, I just let the tank die. That pull was the first one in which I was able to catch up my mana pool to completely full.

    December 28, 2009 at 13:47

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  27. TJGypsy

    As a tank, I get a lot of hate in the LFD tool. Why? Because I always watch my healer’s mana bar, and I never pull unless it’s half-full or better. Because I actually STOP PULLING when someone says they’re going AFK for a quick second, and because I make sure that I set a pace that lets everyone loot their kills, and skin (if the instance has any skinnables in it). I understand that the new standard is to chain pull and go as fast as you can, but I simply cannot bring myself to embrace it. I learned to tank in BC, and most of those habits have stayed with me. I LOS pull, occasionally I mark targets, and I seldom pull more than two packs of mobs at a time. I’m simply not willing to risk the wipe.

    I can only hope the people that get really, REALLY frustrated with me running things this way are kind enough to ignore me, so I’m not forced to inconvenience them at a later time. One can only hope.

    Also, pulling for me also frosts my flakes, so if you do…you’d damn well better A) be able to dump the aggro or B) survive the damage, because I will let you die before I pick the mobs up. You yank ’em, you tank ’em. You don’t like it, go wait another 30 minutes in your queue, I’m OK with it.


    January 28, 2010 at 23:17

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