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Hit rating: How much is too little?

If you’re reading this expecting an answer to the question above…sorry, folks, I don’t have one.  Because, see, it’s my question.

As I posted in my latest installment of So You Want to Be a Prot Warrior on endgame gearing, there’s certain magic numbers that you strive to hit when you first move up to tanking heroics or raids.  One of those numbers is 263 hit rating, otherwise known as the magic rating number that gives you +8% chance to hit–needed to push misses out of the picture completely.

If you’ve had a chance to run through Ulduar a bit, or have looked at some of the items that come out of there, you may notice that it seems like almost everything’s got +hit on it.  I know many melee DPS, despite their best gearing efforts, who came out of Titan Disneyworld way, way over the hit cap.  My wife, a feral druid who Knows What She’s Doing, is stuck with 313 hit rating–and that’s after replacing some Ulduar pieces with Trial of the Crusader stuff.  Our raid’s Chief Cat Herder was pushing nearly four hundred hit rating–11 or 12 percent +hit–at one point.  Even Lin’s arms gear, a grab-whatever-I-can-find hashup of badge, Naxx-25, Ulduar-10, Ulduar-25, and a couple of ToC pieces, sticks him with 300 hit rating and not nearly enough expertise to balance it.

Lin in tank mode was no exception through Ulduar.  Recently, I finally got his hit rating to about 265, with his expertise in the low 20s–not quite dodge-capped, but close.

Enter Trial of the Crusader and other Tier 9 content.

Suddenly, +hit is gonzo.  Last night, I got a nice upgrade from Faction Champions in ToC-25…the very tasty ilevel 245 version of the Belt of Bloodied Scars, to replace his Shieldwarder Girdle.  The BoBS is great for his “boss” avoidance set.  More strength, more stamina, lots of dodge, parry, and defense.  But…no +hit.  The Shieldwarder’s Girdle had a lot of +hit.

And so, I, der Panzercow, the guy who just told you aspiring nubwarriors last week that you need 263 hit rating…is running around with 159.  Three full percent below what you are supposed to have.  At least I have 28 expertise.

I almost didn’t take that BoBS because of what it’d do to my hit rating.  A couple of my fellow tanks had to smack some sense into me before I went ahead.  But now, here I sit, with a 3.07% chance to miss on every swing.  Every taunt.  Every…well…everything.

Now here’s the weird part.  I’ve spoken to two people, one in my raid, one in another raid that’s slightly ahead of us in progression.  And they’re saying that from what they’ve seen, it’s now no big deal for tanks to be running around at 5% or even lower +hit.  Because, apparently, just as it seemed like everything in Ulduar had +hit, stuff in ToC and Onyxia’s Lair 2.0 doesn’t.  So tanks are having to adapt.

That brings me back to the question at the title of this post.  If you’re tanking a raid at this level–hardmode Ulduar, normal or heroic ToC–are you doing it with less than 8% +hit?  If so, how is it working out?  What are you doing to mitigate the chance of misses, especially on taunt-sensitive fights like Gormok?  Am I being a nubsauce for worrying about this?  Why does it burn when I pee?  And, of course, are we there yet?

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  1. Tier 9 content is just plan low on +hit gear no matter, which way you spin it.

    Expertise works pretty darn well with most abilities, and it’s quite prevalent in Tier 9. You’ll definitely feel it when it comes to taunt, however. Axiom’s entire tanking crew is running low on hit and we probably run into problems with this at least two or three times a night.

    October 23, 2009 at 16:27

    • Suddenly the cooldown reduction on Taunt in the T9 2-piece set bonus looks a lot better. 15 or 45 more badgers…

      October 23, 2009 at 16:31

  2. Blah

    Xav is the main tank for Premonition, world ranked #1 raiding guild.

    He has 69 hit. Note, he uses the Glyph of Taunt as to not worry about taunts missing.

    October 23, 2009 at 17:20

  3. Irony, thy name is me…after bitching about this, I got another upgrade last night in Ulduar that got me back the +hit I lost. 208 hit, 23 expertise now. But, I did replace my Glyph of Revenge (awesome for leveling and grinding, not quite as good for raid-tanking) with a Glyph of Taunt.

    October 24, 2009 at 08:42

  4. Kalkadar

    Glyph of Taunt if you are worried about missing.

    That said I haven’t worried about having more than 6% hit since the expac hit (even in hard modes) and misses are rare. 8s is only an extra stack normally and not fatal.

    Threat hasn’t been an issue for Wotlk so again a little missing hit hasn’t been that important.

    October 25, 2009 at 06:45

  5. Well, for what it’s worth I’m at 8% hit but only 14 expertise and I use the “+40 Expertise +40 Stamina” food buff to get it up to 19~20… Maybe you could do the same for your hit%?

    October 26, 2009 at 23:12

  6. Hit and expertise are threat stats. You need to ask yourself if you are comfortable with the amount of threat you’re putting out and that will answer your question.

    I have been the main tank for my guild through Ulduar, TOC and now heroic TOC and Uld hard modes. I have never hit the hit or exp caps. Currently I am running with 4% hit and 4% expertise. I have no problems at all with threat.

    I do struggle a bit keeping up with some of the harder hitting DPS, mage/warlock who can throw out 12k on some single target fights. That’s why I use the vigilance glyph for an extra 5% threat from vigilance.

    Also, I’ve never really noticed a missed taunt. On Gormok, for instance, I taunt followed by mocking blow then start my rotation. Never have an issue.

    I’ve been wanting to write a post on this subject for a while, thanks Lin for giving me an excuse to do it. I should have one up at Vigilance later today.


    October 27, 2009 at 13:15

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