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What I think of healers

He'd probably let me die to the boss, but at least there'd be Vicodin afterward.

He'd probably let me die to the boss, but at least there'd be Vicodin afterward.

The folks over at Blog Azeroth have an interesting shared topic this week:  What do non-healers think of healers?  It’s a thought-provoking subject that’s spawned some great thoughts, but it’s one that I’m not sure I’m qualified to blog upon.

You see, I have a dirty little secret.  I’ve never played a healer.  Never.

I have three healing-capable alts, a 70 druid, a 69 shaman, and a 32ish paladin.  They have never for one second of their lives been resto, resto, or holy respectively.  They’re feral, enhancement, and lolret.  I’ve never offspec healed an instance with any of them. 

What’s worse, the even dirtier part of my dirty little secret is that basically, I’m a DPS whore.  Yes, I have a prot warrior as my main, and I have no plans to change that aside from continuing to develop Linedan’s arms offspec so he can contribute more on one-tank raid fights.  But my other high-level alts–two hunters, one blood DK, one feral druid, and one enhancement shaman–are all about various ways of bringing the pain.  The thought of trying to heal even a weak normal instance, on any class/spec combination, scares me far worse than tanking any heroic raid encounter in the game.

So this leaves me in a quandary.  How can I possibly discuss “what a non-healer thinks of healers” when I’ve never played a healer and have only the vaguest idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the various classes and specs?

The fact is, I really don’t care how a healer keeps me standing, only that they do.  You can use big heals, medium heals, little heals, pew-pew heals, bubbles, shields, HOTs, bandages, duct tape, spackle, grout, little cartoon Thrall Band-Aids, Red Bull, medkits from Half-Life 2, Class II controlled substances…I.  Don’t.  Care.  Just keep me alive to keep the mobs off you, and I’ll let you worry about the mechanics of how you do it.  You don’t tell me how to tank, I don’t tell you how to heal, and together, we will rule the galaxy as…uh…tank and squishy or something.

I trust my healer(s) implicitly when I tank.  I picked up a bad habit in vanilla WoW that’s carried through Burning Crusade and into Wrath, and while I’ve gotten better about it, I’ve yet to completely shake it.  I don’t pay as much attention to my own health as I should.  This came about because when I was learning to tank, at level 60, I had to focus every one of my few remaining brain cells on gaining and holding agro on multiple mobs…while tanking for one of the highest-DPS rogues on the entire server.  (This was, of course, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and warriors’ multiple-target tanking required a hell of a lot of work.  And I could barely stay ahead of this guy on a single boss target, much less multiples.)  Combine that with the fact that we had a couple of really solid healers in the crew, and I tended to just forget about my health, put it in their hands, and focused everything forward on the mobs.

I still do it, more than I should.  I dutifully get a healthstone at the start of every raid, and every raid, no matter how many times I die, I still have it when I log out.  I accumulate redonkulous amounts of healing potions.  I still lug around a single Nightmare Seed that I haven’t used in months.  I just have a simple faith that no matter how deep the kimchi gets, if I’m doing my job and intelligently using my cooldowns like Shield Wall and Shield Block, and if I’m not standing in Bad Stuff, the healer or healers that I’ve got behind me are always going to save my ass.  Period.  And the best part is, 99.9% of the time, I’m right.

I have a lot of respect for healers.  It’s not nearly as much fun as DPS and just as, maybe more, stressful than tanking.  The players who are hardcore dedicated to the art of green glowy whack-a-mole or shiny golden PEWPEWPEW have my undying lessthanthree and my eternal gratitude.

But if you want to know whether I think a holy paladin or a disc priest is better for healing me?  Brother, I have no damn idea.  I love you all equally.

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  1. Tigerfeet

    You’re so much more eloquent than I 🙂

    June 10, 2009 at 10:38

  2. Gibt es ein Level 60 bis 70 “Sie wollen ein Schutz Warrior” Artikel in naher Zukunft?

    June 10, 2009 at 12:32

    • Uh…*blink*…ein bier, bitte?

      Yeah. Pretty much exhausted the German there. I’d have to ask my wife, who’s actually got a degree in it. But! The level 61-70 SYWTBAPW guide is hopefully coming out this week, if work doesn’t totally implode on me.

      June 10, 2009 at 16:40

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  4. BoRosz

    OMG, soooo wtb “little cartoon Thrall Band-Aids”. Or little cartoon Cairne Band-Aids perhaps. Cow tanks rock!

    June 10, 2009 at 13:34

  5. Nothing wrong with prefering DPS 😉

    I’ve tried healing on my druid, but I failed miserably at it.
    You should really try it though, it’s a totally different experience.

    You make a good point about trust. In the end, all you can do is trust the healer (or in the case of a healer, trust the other healers) This is also kind of why I hate PuGing I suppose – nothing worse than finding out your healer doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    June 10, 2009 at 13:48

    • I’m right there with you. Although my problem with doing pickup groups is just as much “oh God, they’re going to think I suck” as much as “do I really trust a shadow priest named ‘Ipwnfaselol’ to keep me alive on a six-pull?”

      June 10, 2009 at 16:38

  6. You trust ME to heal you.

    Obviously, something is wrong with ya.

    June 10, 2009 at 16:59

    • Verdus

      I thought that was made apparent with his choice to raid with us in the first place. 😛

      June 10, 2009 at 18:53

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  8. Mik1306

    Oddly enough as a resto shaman i feel the same way about the tank, keep me alive, i dont care how. i dont care what class you are or what skills you use just keep me the hell alive

    June 11, 2009 at 06:12

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  11. I am a relative noob to WoW. I joined just about a year ago to play and recently have my first lvl 80! My main is a holy priest. I totally agree with Mik1306. I dont care how you do it, keep that tanky goodness coming and I will keep you standing.
    I have a whole new respect for PW after reading your blog this week… of course my boss may not be too happy with you, my filing is still sitting here. o.O

    August 28, 2009 at 13:19

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