Your big beautiful beefy bulwark of badass.

Today I didn’t even have to use my AK…

I gotta say it was a good day.

We finally got ourselves back on track last night in The Anvil…two, count ’em, two new bosses tasted floor.

First, Auriaya the Crazy Cat Lady.  We’ve been working on her, when we had the people, for three weeks.  And it took us about that long to finally work out the logistics of the pull.  This fight is a lot like old High King Maulgar…it’s all about the complex pull.  Get the pull right, and you’re well on your way.  Get the pull wrong, and you’re kibble.  Literally.  Those four cats following her around in 25-man mode will kill a single tank with 40k health, through a Shield Wall, in one second if they aren’t split apart immediately.  (Don’t ask how I know this.  Just don’t.)

So we did it by having hunters and shamans lay down a veritable forest of traps and totems on the lower platform to one side of the stairway, at the end of her pathing.  (One of our tree druids also threw in an exploding bunny decoy for lulz.  Cats love it!)  Meanwhile, the rest of the party cowered stealthily hid themselves in ambush behind the wall to the right of the stairs.  When Auriaya saw the mess we left and stopped to angrily clean it up, two hunters targeted two of the cats and misdirected them onto we two offtanks, and we had to taunt the other two, while the MT grabbed Auriaya and pulled her off to one side.  The whole thing, of course, had to be executed without anybody getting in line of sight of the cats too early, otherwise it was nomnomnom time.

That part, we got, although a badly-timed fear killed me once (not good to have all the healers feared when I’m taking 16k damage per tick from Rip Flesh).  What kept kicking our asses was the Feral Defender.  Oh, Feral Defender, how I hate you.  Hate hate haaaaaate.  How in the name of Friskies do you fracking control this thing as an offtank?  They tasked me and the DK offtank with trying to hang onto it at first, and let the DPS focus on Auriaya.  That didn’t work.  I’ve never had a mob go immune to Taunt due to diminishing returns before, but damned if that cat didn’t do it.  Even with the trick of keeping Vigilance on the MT for faster Taunt refreshes, I couldn’t hang onto the dumbass thing for longer than a second.

After the first wipe, new plan:  We’d kill it and just deal with the big pile of voidpoo it leaves behind every time it dies and resses.  OK, good enough.  But it was still curbstomping its way through the DPS.  I just couldn’t handle it, which annoyed the piss out of me.

On our successful attempt, the other offtank, a DK, did most of the work on kitteh.  He was able to handle it much better than I did; whether through my own incompetence, the general overpoweredness of death nuggets, or a better suitability for that particular task, he did a better job of keeping it out of the DPS.  On its fourth incarnation, we just decided to leave it up because by that time, Auriaya was down to 30% anyway.  And then, with a bloodcurdling scream, she was dead and coughing up our lootses.

After that, we paid a visit to the Iron Council.  Generally it’s a pretty easy fight, which of course means I managed to find a way to cock it up at least once.  Our MT handled the big golem and his FALCON–uh, FUSION POOOOOONCH, I handled the vyrkul and his runes, and the DK played with the flying iron dwarf.  Two wipes ensued while the healers worked through the insane damage of Fusion Punch and we learned the fight in general.

On our third attempt, we were sailing along, having just dropped the golem, when I was a half-second slow in getting my guy out of a Blue Rune of Pwn.  31k to the side of the head, GOOD NIGHT CLEVELAND WE LOVE YOU YOU ROCK.  The ensuing conversation went like this:

Druid 1:  “My res is up, who should I get?”  (We had me and a rogue dead at this point.)

Raid officer:  “Shukir.” (the rogue)

Druid 2:  “Should I get Lin?”

Raid officer:  “No need.”


So I got to watch the rest of the fight, and the raid first kill of the Council, from the Sprawl of Shame.  Although I think I did win an Internets when I mentioned on Vent that when he’s flying around the room, the iron dwarf looks like some kind of bizarre electrified Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.  “Garfield, noooooo!”

I got some loot, namely Veranus’ Bane from Razorscale and Mimiron’s Inferno Couplings from Flame Leviathan.  That’s cool.  More importantly, though, the raid felt better than it had in weeks.  Even on the repeated Auriaya wipes, people kept a good attitude and made constructive suggestions, and sure enough, we had our “click” moment and got a first kill.  Iron Council, even with the first two wipes, never felt like it was in doubt before the night was over.

So tonight, we visit Captain Crotchpocket, and after that it’s on to Freya.  I’ll bring the Weed-B-Gon.

5 responses

  1. We love ya Lin…

    Oh, and I was the one who suggested Shukir. at the time, only you and he were down.. and lawl, interupts are your friend

    June 5, 2009 at 18:27

  2. Mommacow

    Sweetie, I love you to pieces, but druids learn rez triage early, early on, or else their raid officers beat them severely about the head and shoulders. Tanky rezzes are the trickiest decisions to make, EVER. *juggles starleaf seeds, scratches head*

    June 5, 2009 at 18:50

  3. Big grats on Auriaya! We have her more or less on farm now, but we -still- can’t control the Feral Defender. It pounces around clawing face and we heal through it as best we can. One of our shamans came up with an elaborate rotation that we use to relocate the raid every time the Feral Defender dies, but we still tend to lose people on transitions. 😦

    June 5, 2009 at 19:24

    • The problem I was having wasn’t with the pounces–I know it’s untauntable and uncontrollable when it’s in ZOMGBOUNCEBOUNCEBOUNCEPLAYWITHMEEEEEE mode. My problem was, I couldn’t figure out the agro wipe pattern after it freaking landed. Sometimes I’d taunt it and then it’d go trotting right off somewhere else a second later. It just came down to me bashing Taunt so many times that eventually it went immune–something that, honestly, I have never seen happen before in over four years of warriornesshood.

      Our DK tank is really good and I guess he had a better toolset to handle kitteh, with Death Grip and Dark Command. And honestly, even he probably had control of it only about a third of the time, although that’s about 32% more than I did. I don’t mind fights where Blizzard screws with the agro mechanics, but I do get frustrated when the aforementioned screwing doesn’t seem to have a pattern that I can pick up and adapt to. And last night, that Feral Defender didn’t, at least not that I could spot.

      June 5, 2009 at 15:41

  4. I love you.

    This made me lol and almost kill a keyboard. ❤

    June 5, 2009 at 19:28

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