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I’m not a bad anymore…I think?

My wife runs Wednesday nights with a 10-man raid that’s made up of folks from our normal The Anvil 25-man Thursday/Friday raid.  The raid’s called “No Bads.”  I like to joke around with her that this means that I’m “a bad,” since I’m not running with “No Bads.”  Get it?  Yeah, it’s not that funny to her, either.

Last night about 8:45, as I’m messing around Alliance-side on my dwarf, she asks me, “you have any interest in 10-man Ulduar?”  I was shocked, as I’ve never been part of this raid before; their tank rotation is set and very reliable–our 25-man MT, Gorebash, and the raid organizer, Haicu the DK.  “What, Gore’s busy tonight?”, I asked, surprised.

“No,” she replied.  “Haicu says he needs you as DPS.”

Now, you’ve got to understand, yes, I do have a secondary DPS spec on Lin, 54/17/0 Arms.  But I’ve never been able to squeeze more than 2400 dps overall out of him in a 10-man Naxx.  Ever.  His best performance on Patchwerk, a good benchmark, was 3700 dps a couple weeks back; not bad for a part-time DPSer, but way under what all the other DPS in this well-geared, well-running 10-man can do.  His weapon was a Wraith Spear that I hadn’t had a chance to get enchanted.  He’s still rocking a couple of ilevel 187 crafted blues.  And I’m still learning my way around the spec.

Still, I’m friends with this crew, and they needed people.  So if they needed a bad No Bad, then a bad No Bad I would be.

It was a good run–Flame Leviathan, XT-002, Kologarn, Auriaya, all one-shots.  We had some trouble on Hodir but got him on the third try, then went back and cleared out the Iron Council, Razorscale, and Ignis and called the raid 30 minutes early.  I understand Haicu calling it early; we were doing very well, but out of our five DPS, I was a full 1300 below the fourth-ranked deeps on my Recount.  I scraped out about 2200 for the entire raid and barely beat Haicu as the offtank, in fact.  (By comparison, on my Recount, all four of the other DPS were between 3400 and 3800 for the entire night, trash included.)  Throw in two of us never having seen Freya before, and we gladly took our 8 kills and ran.  In fact, this was the first time I got to see the Iron Council, Auriaya, and Hodir, as our 25-man hasn’t killed Auriaya yet.  So I had fun, and nobody seemed to mind the fact that I was sadly lacking in the painbringing department.

And there were lootses, yes, precious, there were lootses.  For my tanky side, there were new pants:

Yep, Lin’s first piece of T8.  Despite the socket bonus being very nice, those gem slots will hold two +24 stamina blues, and with an armor kit, they’ll be a slight upgrade over the T7.5 pants he’s got now.  My biggest priority on him right now is stacking stamina, as he’s just over 30.2k unbuffed and running about 1000 health behind our other warrior tank.

And his DPS offspec picked up some new pieces of kit as well.  A good cloak upgrade that looks fantastic to boot:

And, finally, a bit of a weapon upgrade.  Granted, this is more of a hunter weapon than an Arms warrior weapon.  The speed’s too fast and the top end damage is a bit low, actually 12 points lower than the Wraith Spear I had, so a Death’s Bite or other very slow 200ish dps weapon might be a little better.  But, I think the higher DPS should still make it something of an upgrade over the Wraith Spear.  Plus, we’re on an RP server, and looks do count for something…and it looks good.  It’ll look better when I get Berserking on it tomorrow night.  Besides, I was at the bottom of the loot list anyway, and nobody else wanted it, so why not?  I can’t Mortal Strike people with an Abyss Crystal.

So thanks to Haicu for having me along and letting me see three fights I’d never seen before, and pick up some loot.  The only downside is, now I have Michael Jackson’s “Bad” stuck in my head.  And I’m mentally rewriting the lyrics into “I’m A Bad.”

Well, maybe it’ll give me something to do at work today when I’m not actually working.

2 responses

  1. “I can’t Mortal Strike people with an Abyss Crystal.”

    That made me laugh, but it’s so true. I’ve picked things up that were basically sidegrades when no one else wanted them…like my Wraith Spear which is more for looks than for use. =)

    May 21, 2009 at 20:01

  2. Suddenly I want to try to Death Strike people with an Abyss Crystal.

    Nice spear! It’s almost a direct upgrade to the one I’m rocking (Cryptfiend’s Bite), but I’d much rather have the Worldcarver or Rune Edge. Mmmm. Expertise or armor pen? Sexy.

    May 22, 2009 at 14:05

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