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Random linkitude

Because I’m still grinding on, y’know, actual content…have some links to other people’s good stuff.

  • Tarsus, Linedan’s brother from another mother, waxes rhapsodic over at Tanking for Dummies on why we prot warriors love our shields so much.  Hell, we knew how good they were even before Gerald Butler and 299 other Spartans in jockstraps and funny helmets showed us that phalanx > Persians.
  • Veneretio at Tanking Tips takes a look at the weirdest warrior spec I’ve ever seen…the 37/2/32 Unrelenting Assault arms/prot hybrid.  Don’t get this spec anywhere near trash, but on raid bosses, it can deliver brutal DPS while still remaining viable for tanking.  It’s very highly specialized, but maybe useful as a dual spec?
  • Ratshag at Need More Ragejust because he’s flubberglubbin’ Ratshag, dammit.

One response

  1. Ah Phalanx. One of the only temptations I had about Warhammer Online was that I had heard that those actually worked.

    PS – Finish your prot warrior leveling guide >.>

    April 13, 2009 at 16:37

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