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What do I call this thing?

The Lollipop of Death?  The Broken Railroad Signal of Doom?  The Most Real-World Impractical One-Handed Sword Design Ever Seen in WoW?  How about just…Broken Promise?  I got lucky and obtained this last night during the Anvil’s first one-night four-wing Naxx 25 clear, along with Heritage, a good tanking neck.  Tonight, it’s just Sapphy, KT, then on to Sartharion…and maybe Malygos after that.  Great.  Considering that I’ve never successfully completed Aces High, this should be suitably humiliating.  Let’s see, how’s that Blue Dragon Waltz go again?  1123 step, 1123 step, 1123 step?

Further actual content on raiding will be forthcoming later today.  Last night put a question in my head that I think will make an interesting point for discussion.

One response

  1. Tigerfeet Helps a WHOLE lot on Malygos’s 3rd phase.

    Good Luck!

    March 20, 2009 at 14:14

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