Your big beautiful beefy bulwark of badass.

That’s three

Illy hit 80 over the weekend, I just hadn’t gotten around to the post before now.  She’s my third level 80 (as compared to my wife’s four, probably five in a couple weeks when her now-71 resto druid gets there).  As you can tell from her stats, she’s not exactly uber-geared…most all that stuff is a mixture of mid-70s instance and quest reward blues, with the exception of a couple of heroic pieces and one incredibly lucky drop, her new mainhand sword, Avool’s Sword of Jin.  Because, hey, fresh 80 beastmastery hunters need a 143 dps mainhand, amirite?

She can limp along through heroics…she plus her new pet (a purple wasp named Indigo) can combine for about 1400-1500 dps if I push it as hard as I can, hit Bestial Wrath and Kill Command every time they’re up, and keep my rotations tight.  Not great, but I’ve seen worse.  I’d like to get her ready to be able to sub on Naxx runs, but that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon unless I can radically gear her up.

(Wasps, by the way, are just cool as hell hunter pets.  They don’t scale down in size very much when you tame them, so she’s got this eight-foot-long insect following her around constantly cleaning its mandibles.  And when she hits Bestial Wrath, let’s just say Indigo gets pretty intimidating.  And hurty.  I find my love of a wasp as a pet ironic, considering I’m phobic around stinging insects in real life.)

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