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New 3.1 info–UI changes

Ghostcrawler’s got some info on 3.1 UI changes up on the official WoW site.  The highlights:

  • You’ll be able to switch specs anywhere out of combat (except Arenas or Battlegrounds), only taking 5 seconds to do so.  The only downside is that you zero out your energy, rage, mana, etc. when doing so.  No Lexicon of Power is needed to switch.  (This is perfect for me as a raid off-tank…switching between tank and DPS mid-raid on the fly.  Awesome.)
  • There will be a UI option to preview your talents before committing to them.  (HELL YES!  No more blowing a 50g respec because you fat-finger one click!)
  • It still costs 1000g to activate dual specs, but the minimum level is now 40.  (Twinks rejoice.)
  • The Equipment Manager (the built-in UI version of current addons like Closet Gnome or ItemRack) will move stuff to and from your bank if you’re at a bank while using it.  And you can hotkey your item sets.  (Handy!)
  • The UI will include expanded quest-tracking abilities, including putting icons on your window to use quest items without digging through your bags.
  • New LFG window improvements.
  • You’ll be able to queue for a Battleground from anywhere.

Go read the whole thing–there’s some seriously tasty stuff there.

(Hat tip:  TankSpot.)

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