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Meme time: Seven Questions

This one comes from Anea at Holy Discipline, a simple little meme:  Answer these seven questions about your character.  I’ll use Linedan and Beltar.

  1. What is your name and where did it come from?
    OOC, Linedan was courtesy of the random name generator in Everquest, where the original Linedan existed as a barbarian warrior.  There’s no roleplay reason for it otherwise.  Beltar has a long and complicated story behind his name, detailed in this story.
  2. How old are you and what is your birthday?
    Linedan is 23, Beltar is 126.  I haven’t assigned an exact birthday for either of them, although Beltar’s is in the summer sometime.
  3. Are you in love and with whom?
    Nope.  Linedan is totally clueless about romantic relationships, and Beltar, being not terribly attractive and middle-aged, doesn’t get many opportunities and is more of a love-’em-and-leave-’em dwarf anyway.
  4. What is your favorite mount and why?
    Linedan’s is Soh’kata, his barded kodo.  (A story about the acquisition of said kodo is here.)  Beltar’s is his sturdy, placid gray-white Loch Modan ram named Mountain.
  5. Do you prefer a certain type of Azerothian meal and where do you get it from?
    Lin’s not picky about food, but he absolutely loves talbuk venison and crusty Northrend flatbread.  Beltar’s rather carnivorous, but in his time hanging out with the Kaluak, he’s taken to enjoying their orca stew.  Unfortunately, neither one of them can cook a lick.
  6. You know those giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be and why are they so huge?
    Linedan figures it was the bounty of the Earthmother for giving Zangarmarsh such rich soil and ample moisture.  Beltar would just sniff and say, “Nah, ‘s prolly all’a bullshit ’bout th’Light ’em squids up Telredor are throwin’ out.”
  7. If you saw the Lich King walking toward you, what would you do?
    Beltar would run like hell.  Linedan would draw his mace and shield, give a final battle cry in Taurahe, and charge forward to die gloriously.

OK, let’s tag it forward a little bit.  Anna, Stop, Arrens, and Varenna, your turn!

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  1. /gasp! I’ve been tagged! Ok, seems I’ve got something to work on for tomorrow’s post. 😉

    March 3, 2009 at 19:41

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