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Good things come to those who wait

Last night I noodled around on my alt hunters a bit before logging on Lin and doing a couple of Icecrown quests.  Meanwhile, my wife Rashona was running through normal Halls of Lightning with some mutual friends.  Suddenly on one of my chat channels, I see a member of that party asking “can anybody come and finish HoL with us?  Z’s connection is going flaky.”  Well, I’d been planning to give my aching wrists a night off from tanking, but these are my friends, and that is my wife, and it is Halls of Lightning…

15 minutes, five trash pulls, and one dead Loken later, look what I found.

Happy Panzercow, I am.  Picking the Seal up in place of my old Coren’s Lucky Coin let me yank a +16 defense gem out of my T6 shoulders and replace it with a +7 crit/+11 stamina sparkly out of the guild bank.  Then this morning, I made Revered with the Argent Crusade (I hate you, Alchemist Finklestein, so much) and got the +20 defense/+37 stamina enchant on ye olde Crusader’s Resolution.  23637 health and 21661 armor unbuffed now, 555 defense–and that’s without Titanweave on my cloak and without +20 defense on my shield, so I’ve got a good solid defense cushion now.  Overall, my stats are now solidly enough for most heroics, maybe even the really hard ones like Pinnacle and HoL with a good healer.

I do feel bad about my bud Zemmen not getting this, though.  Don’t worry, Z.  Get that connection fixed and I’ll give Loken the pimp hand all you want until he coughs one up for you.

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