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Dramatis Personae: Linedan

Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing each of my “important” characters here–the ones that I tend to play more, anyway.  And we might as well get the ball rolling with the guy this blog is named after, my main, the Big Guy, der Panzercow himself…Linedan.  (And BTW, it’s pronounced “lih NAY den” or “lih NAY dun.”  Not “LINE dan.”

  • Full name:  Linedan (formerly Linedan Granitehoof)
  • Created:  March 2005
  • Level/race/class:  Level 80 Tauren warrior
  • Spec:  Protection (15/5/51)
  • Age:  Equivalent to human 23

Lin’s most noticeable physical characteristic is that he’s big.  I know, all Tauren are big, but he’s big even for a Tauren.  Take a 6-foot-3, 240-pound NFL linebacker and scale him up to Tauren, ripped physique and all, and that’s Linedan.  Then tack on all that plate armor, including standard-issue Blizzard oversized shoulders, and, well, there’s a reason I joke that he’s spec’d 5/5 Improved Loom.  Other than being a giant wall of steel-covered beef, there’s three things noticeable about him:  he’s got all-over gray fur (unusual from what I’ve seen, few Tauren go with that option); he’s got penetrating ice-blue eyes (ditto), and if you look closely, you can see a pink mageweave shirt under all that armor.  But good luck spotting it–he rarely takes his armor off in public.  He always looks like he’s ready to throw down.

Lin is very quiet.  He doesn’t say much.  But it’s not a placid quiet…it’s more of a “when is this mountain going to erupt?” quiet.  He’s still, he’s almost immobile, he can almost disappear into the woodwork–or more appropriately, serve as an entire wall for a room–and if the situation calls for it, he can respond with extreme violence in the blink of an eye.  It doesn’t take much time being around him to figure out that there’s a furnace of rage seething under that impassive exterior.  That having been said, he’s no psycho (most of the time).  He’s very loyal to his friends and to his guild Noxilite, who are basically his adopted clan.

Basically, Lin’s personality is the “noble savage”…take a bit of Lieutenant Worf, a bit of Daelen Red-Tiger from the original Neverwinter Nights, a dash of psycho seasoning, and throw them in a blender.  Most of the time he doesn’t particularly get off on killing or violence, but it’s about all he knows how to do (other than blacksmithing).  And since he is fanatically driven to be the best he can be, he practices that violence.  A lot.  He doesn’t have much of a social life and doesn’t have any known romantic relationships.  If you translated it over to real life, Lin would be the guy who hung out around an MMA dojo all day, every day, working constantly, eating right, training insanely hard.  And everything would be great until he got inside the cage and his opponent did something to set him off, and wound up with two broken arms and a skull fracture.

Lin was my first character on Feathermoon and second character in WoW.  He is an old-school warrior, born in the days of 20%+ miss rates on all attacks, leveled in gray vendor gear and crafted copper chain garbage that sometimes he couldn’t even afford to repair.  At level 18 he joined a large Horde guild, Hand of the Forsaken, but since most of the rest of HotF was far ahead of him in levels, he did most of his level-grinding alone.  Even after leaving HotF and joining The Sidewinder Band in his 40s, he did very few instances.  I actually didn’t start tanking until I joined Noxilite in his mid- to late-50s…and it showed.  Some of those old-school Scholomance and Stratholme runs were pretty painful while I figured out what I was doing.

I never envisioned him being a prot warrior, even though I tried prot out for a while at 60.  Coming from Everquest, where all warriors could do was tank, I didn’t want to get pigeonholed into that role again.  I always wanted Lin to be a machine of destruction, wielding the biggest damn two-handed something he could find and massacring everything in his path.  The truth, of course, is that a warrior without friends and without the ability to get good gear is a nightmare to level, and the furthest thing from a machine of destruction imaginable.  So I ran primarily as a two-hand Fury build (5/31/15 I think) with the Anvil’s Molten Core and BWL raids, pre-Burning Crusade.

After BC came out and I got Lin to 70, I couldn’t get him into any of the Anvil’s early Karazhan raids.  So I hooked up with friends who were starting their own, and I took him Prot (“temporarily”) because I knew I couldn’t offtank Kara as Arms or Fury, especially with his marginal items.  He’s been Prot ever since.  He moved up to maintank the Kara raid, and then got back into Anvil 25-mans as the #2 offtank, a position he held all through 25-man content clear up to our one pre-Lich King farewell poke into Black Temple–yes, those are T6 shoulders he’s got on in the picture, still at level 80.  All the while, I was wishing I could DPS with him, because when not tanking, a Prot offtank was truly useless in terms of hurting anything.  But I didn’t have good enough DPS gear, and needed to stay Prot for when I did have to tank.

The 3.0 changes to Prot have finally brought Lin into his own–it’s like some sort of Blizzard karmic payback for the months of sheer hell leveling him initially, and then trying to grind quests and rep as Prot because I couldn’t afford contant respecs.  I’ve always played Lin as having an internal struggle between offense and defense, the berserker and the protector, but now, with Prot warriors being able to crank out 1000 dps easily and demolish stuff while grinding?  He can be both at the same time.  I love being able to stand in against three elite mobs and take their worst while dropping 4k Revenge crit bombs all over the place.

Someday, maybe I’ll take him Fury again, probably Titan’s Grip…although it will require a complete re-gearing that’ll take a while.  But for now, after almost four years, I am finally content with where Linedan is in terms of the game.  He’s not content, of course.  He’s always pushing harder and harder.  But I’m happy with my Panzercow, and at peace with his Protness.

2 responses

  1. You’ll always be Line Dance to me!

    December 16, 2008 at 22:14

  2. Panzercow

    You knw, I’ve read probably 75% of ur blogs, inc the RP (esp love the stories) and I have to say Lin is my all time fave. I hope u dnt mind the name tribute, my Tauren warriors named Panzercow over here on Dalaran. I’ve found ur guides very helpful and look forward to more stories about the crew.

    January 27, 2011 at 18:12

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