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Anna’s RP Friday Five: What Dreams May Come

In response to this Friday Five post over at Too Many Annas, here’s my answers:

1.  Describe your character’s sleep habits.  Do they eat breakfast or have other routines?

Linedan is very disciplined, so he will get up, eat a light breakfast of whatever’s handy, and spend some time communing with the spirits and preparing his gear (sharpening weapons, cleaning armor, etc.) before his day’s travels.  Beltar will typically fall out of whatever he’s sleeping on or in, stagger around, try to find some food, and stagger around some more.  At some point he’ll wake up enough to fix his gear and get going.

2.  What do they dream about at night, if anything?

I’ve never really thought about this.  Linedan dreams of various things…sometimes reliving past travels and victories, sometimes of his childhood in Mulgore.  Not all of these dreams are pleasant at all.  Beltar dreams very little, because half the time he’s plowed when he goes to sleep.  He’s a dwarf, it’s how they roll.

3.  Is your character a night owl or a morning songbird?

Linedan wakes early.  Beltar sleeps till the hangover wakes him up.

4.  What do they wear to sleep?

Hmm.  Lin will wear some leather or linen clothing, full coverage, and he will always sleep with one or more weapons within easy reach.  Beltar often sleeps in his clothes, and looks like it.

5.  Is your character ticklish?

Both are.  But nobody is going to tickle either a giant plate-clad mountain of a Tauren, or a middle-aged scruffy dwarf, to find out.

One response

  1. ….

    Pill is SO going to tickle Lin

    December 12, 2008 at 18:01

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