Your big beautiful beefy bulwark of badass.

Humble beginnings

Welcome to Achtung Panzercow, yet another World of Warcraft player blog.  Because the world needs more of them, amirite?

The inspiration for this blog was provided by the lovely and talented Anna* (the “*” being a wildcard) over at Too Many Annas.  She has a great blog that’s a fun mixture of raid information, random roleplay snippets, thought-provoking questions, and badly-needed silliness.  I can’t do it any better than she does, probably not even as well, but maybe I can be entertaining, and provide a look at things from a different perspective.

Achtung Panzercow is where I’m going to place all my WoWgeek stuff, instead of cluttering up my “real life” blog, Moose DroppingsMoose Droppings is where I go off about stuff on this side of the monitor.  This blog, I’ll reserve for the stuff that’s related to the excessive amount of time I spend staring at Azeroth through a 22″ widescreen LCD portal.

The title is something that leapt into my sleep-deprived head this morning while coming up with the idea for the blog.  It comes from the fact that my main is Linedan, a level 80 Tauren prot warrior.  Picture a Tauren, eight feet or more tall, five hundred pounds, clad in humongous spiky plate armor, coming at you behind a giant shield and carrying a HOLYSHITTHAT’SABIGAXE in his right hand…I think “panzercow” seems pretty appropriate.  I have lots of other alts, of course, chief among them Beltar Forgebreaker, level 75 dwarf hunter.  Beltar doesn’t get enough love these days, as I’m trying to gear Linedan up (the subject of a rant all its own), but the dwarf runs with a fantastic guild called the Wildfire Riders (also on Feathermoon) and will be getting some more playtime after I pimp Lin out a bit more.

So here we are.  And as the Draenei vendors sometimes say, “welcome, browse at your leisure!”


2 responses

  1. Welcome to the Feathermooninite blogger neighborhood! I actually think I’ve seen you about on your Tauren warrior.

    December 11, 2008 at 16:16


    December 11, 2008 at 23:41

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